Fruit made of stone. - Eat 1 cherry

Eat all the fragaria! - Eat 1 strawberry

Orange you glad I didn't say anything. - Eat 1 orange

Say good-bye to Johnny Appleseed. - Eat 1 apple

Honeydew time. - Eat 1 melon

Flagships are yummy! - Eat 1 galaxian

Ring-a-ling? - Eat 1 bell

Key slayer. - Eat 1 key

Get ready! - Complete round 1

Talk about super. - Watch the first intermission

Ripped-off red monster. - Watch the second intermission

Broken red monster. - Watch the third intermission

There and back again. - Complete round 13

Ghosts are un-blue. - Complete round 19

The fruit duo? - Eat 2 fruit in one stage

Clash of the ghosts! - Eat 16 ghosts in one stage

Tooty-fruity! - Eat the 9th key

Score up! - Score 300,000 points

Ghost master. - Eat 50 ghosts total

Ghost slayer. - Eat 100 ghosts total

Ghost destroyer. - Eat 500 ghosts total

Dirty work. - Get hit by the orange monster in round 7

Once bitten, twice shy. - Eat 350 fruits total

Here comes the split screen! - Complete round 256

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