full episode :

Pac-Man : I need plastic surgery but I didn't change my look in a while.

Doctor : The doctor is here.

Pac-Man : You're just like Osama bin Laden.

Doctor : I know. Now lie down and let's get started.

550 hours later...

Doctor : It also comes with vocal chords.

Pac-Man : [in Uncle Gizmo's voice] How about this one?

Doctor : Oops.

Pac-Man : [in Mario's voice] I want Mario's voice.

Doctor : Enjoy your plastic surgery. [walks away]

Pac-Man : How do I look?

Ms. Pac-Man : You look cute.

Jr. Pac-Man : You're so handsome.

Pac-Man : Thanks, son. You're un-grounded.

Jr. Pac-Man : I changed my mind! You're very, very fat!

Pac-Man : You called me very, very fat... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAHHHH!!!

Jr. Pac-Man : I guess no My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, huh, dad?!

Pac-Man : That's right, Jr. Pac-Man! No My Little Pony Friendship is Magic for you because you're a brony! Let's go home!

at home...

Pac-Man : Let's spank you now, son!

Jr. Pac-Man : No, no, no, no, no! [his parents slap him] OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHW!! [his parents punch him so hard] Ouch, you're punching me! I'm sorry for calling you very, very fat!

Pac-Man : Sorry doesn't count, son. March to your room for three weeks.


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