Intermission I

Blinky follows Pac-Man off screen. Then a blue Blinky runs in the opposite direction and gets followed by a huge Pac-Man four times the normal size in pursuit. This intermission is played after round 2.

Intermission II

Once again, Pac-Man gets chased by Blinky. This time, Blinky hits a tack on the floor and part of his suit rips off, revealing some skin. Blinky freezes in embarrassment. This intermission is played after round 5.

Intermission III

Once again, Pac-Man is getting chased by Blinky, who has his suit completely fixed. After both Pac-Man and Blinky exit, Blinky anxiously runs back across the skin, now without his suit, and dragging his suit behind him. This intermission is played after rounds 9, 13, 17, and every fourth round thereafter.

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