Pac-Man as Thomas

President Spheros as Edward

Fred as Henry

Cylde as Gordon

Blinky as James

Spiral as Percy

Toadsworth (from Mario) as Toby

Pinky as Emily

Glooky as Elizabeth

Sailor Moon (from Sailor Moon) as Salty

Skeebo as Diesel

Discord (from My Little Pony) as Cranky

Lord Betrayus as Spencer

Sonic and Amy (from Sonic) as The Duke and Duchess of Boxford

The Small World Dolls (from It's a Small World) as Singing Kids


1. Too Hot for Pac-Man

2. Pinky's Adventure

3. You Can Do it, Toadsworth!

4. Clyde Takes Charge

5. President Spheros the Great

6. Blinky Goes Too Far

7. Spiral and the Magic Carpet

Learning Segments

1. Dot to Dot - President Spheros

2. Fred huffs out the Station


1. A World Around You

2. Ghost Roll Call

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