This is a small wiki dedicated to the Facebook MMORPG PackRat [1].

Made by the authors of the icon-trading social network IconBuffet [2], PackRat revolves around stealing cards from friends in order to get five of a kind (either unique or identical) and archive them.

Some cards may only be obtained by combining others.


Ninja Dawn

ninja-dawn_small.gif 14 items

General Yutaka 6300
Happy Buddha 4000
Robo Ninja 2300
Red Ninja Hoshi 1900 (Katana + Shuriken + Ninja Hoshi)
Pagoda 1500
Samurai Helmet
Nigiri 800
Ninja Hoshi 600
Katana 400
Karate Headband 400
Shuriken 300
Maki Roll 200
Fortune Cookie 100
Pair of Chopsticks 100

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