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Pan-American Commonwealth: this is one of two main nations on Earth. It is a democratic republic with four main political parties: the pro-free enterprise Conservative Party, the pro-religion Party of Values, the Party of Labor (which combines social democrats and even some neo-communists), and the Progressive Party (a centrist group steering a middle ground between the Conservatives and the Party of Labor). The capital is Washington D.C. in the former United States, and the seat of the main organs of government: the Assembly of Electors (elected by popular vote every 10 Earth years), the Executive Council (elected by the Assembly of Electors every five years), the courts (with judges appointed by the Executive Council but removable only by the Assembly of Electors), the Legislative Senate (elected by the Assembly of Electors every 10 years but can only vote on bills supported by a majority of the Executive Council), the Security Force (combining military and law-enforcement functions; under control of the Executive Council), and the Civilian Ministry (executes non-military and non-police functions of the Commonwealth governmet; under control of the Executive Council. The Pan-American Commonwealth dominates the two American continents, most of sub-Sahara Africa, Antarctica, and most of the Pacific islands. It's off-Earth territories (which are represented in the Assembly of Electors) includes most of the space stations orbiting Earth, as well as a few holdings on Luna (Earth's moon), the planet Mars, and in the Main Belt. Humans, mutant apes, and AI robots all have voting rights in the Pan-American Commonwealth.

Eurasian Dominate: this is the other main nation on Earth. It controls virtually all the territory on Earth not controlled by the Pan-American Commonwealth and all space stations in Earth orbit not controlled by the Pan-Americans. Eurasian territory that is off-Earth includes most of Luna, and virtually the entire planets of Venus and Mercury (and all of outer space between the Sun and Venus' orbit. The Dominate also has certain holdings on Mars (and controls both Martian moons Phobos and Deimos), the mini-planet Ceres and certain other places in the Main Belt. The official ruling party of the Eurasian Dominate is the Political Union (which is divided into various factions based upon personal leaders and different ideologies), though the Opposition Forum fills the role of an opposition party. The capital of the Eurasian Dominate is Moscow in the former Russia, which includes the Supreme Council of Assembly, the Council of Ministers, the military and police forces,the courts, and other government agencies. The overwhelming majority of the Supreme Council of Assembly is appointed by the Political Union, though some Council of Assembly members are appointed by the Opposition Forum. The Council of Ministers (which controls military, police, and government agencies in general) is elected by a majority of the Supreme Council of Assembly (and always dominated by leaders of factions within the Political Union). The courts are composed of judges appointed by a special committee selected by the Supreme Council of Assembly with 12 members of the Political Union and 10 members of the Opposition Forum. Both the Political Union and the Opposition Forum allow sentients of all types membership in their organizations, though human clones and AI robots are increasingly dominant in the ruling Political Union and to a lesser extent in the Opposition Forum. Currently, less than 15 percent of the Supreme Council of Assembly is composed of normal, natural-born humans and mutant apes.

Martian Free State: this is the government that controls the portions of the planet Mars not controlled by the Pan-American Commonwealth or the Eurasian Dominate. It is controlled by a government that is democratically elected though the elected Parliament is dominated by the Martian Nationalist Party (whose politics are proactively anti-Earth and hostile toward the Pan-Americans and Eurasians) and RAM (a private corporation that controls around 50 percent of the economy of the Martian Free State but also functions as a political party; RAM is more moderate toward the Pan-Americans and the Eurasians than the Nationalist Party is). A smaller but growing third party in the Free State is the New Democratic Party, which opposes both the ultranationalism and militarism of the Nationalist Party and the fact that RAM functions both as a major political party and private corporation). The Parliament is divided into two elected houses with the lower house electing the Council of Ministers and Prime Minister and the upper house functioning as a supreme court as well as a legislative body. The Council of Ministers is sometimes a single-party regime dominated by either the Nationalist Party or RAM, but at other times a Nationalist Party-RAM coalition or a RAM-New Democrat coalition (the New Democrats consider RAM the lesser of two evils conpared to the Nationalists).

Interplanetary Senate: this is a body appointed by colonies and local governments extending from the Main Belt to the Kuiper Belt (and even a few member states extending further out toward the Oort Clod at the edge of the local solar system), though not all local governments and colonies in this area of space belong to the Senate. The Interplanetary Senate has the authority to levy certain taxes on it's member states in order to fund the Interplanetary Militia which combines military and law-enforcement functions. Senators also serve as a supreme court in order to arbitrate disputes between member states. The Interplanetary Senate also has the power to pass laws binding on all it's member governments, but such bills need a three-fourths majority in order to become binding law. Member states represented in the Interplanetary Senate are often composed of a single asteroid or space station or a group of two to ten asteroids or space stations. Others with senators are colonies or city-states on the moons of the gas giant planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune). A few so-called "states" in the Senate are actually private corporations. The Interplanetary Militia helps to prevent armed conflicts that occasionally occur between members of the Interplanetary Senate, but more often fight against the military forces of the Pan-American Commonwealth, Eurasian Dominate, and Anti-Senate League; independent bands of space pirates and other criminals; and violent factions of the Cyber Nation, Children of Adam and Eve, and the Magisterium of Orthodox Truth.

Anti-Senate League: this is a paramilitary group that uses hit-and-run tactics against forces of the Interplanetary Militia because they see the Interplanetary Senate as a potential threat to political independence of colonies and governments not involved in the Senate as this League fears the Senate could eventually evolve into a more centralized regime over time.

Atmospheric vehicles: use the same stats as those for spaceships (see Page 2 of Newmarduk's science-fiction RPG) except that time-dilation drive is absent and atmospheric vehicles can also travel underwater (especially the water oceans on Earth and Jupiter's moon Europa and the liquid methane oceans on Saturn's moon Titan). The skill of spaceship piloting is adequate for piloting atmospheric vehicles which is essentially the same skill. The rules for an unskilled pilot trying to pilot an atmospheric vehicle are the same as those for piloting a spaceship (roll 1D6; on a 3 or less, the atmospheric vehicle darts off in the wrong direction; on a 4 or above, the atmospheric vehicle goes in the right direction) Atmospheric vehicles can also travel in atmospheres (their main area of operation) and even into space. They are mainly used in atmospheres like that of Earth, Venus, Mars, Titan (a moon of Saturn), and the gas giant planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune). Note that any atmospheric vehicle or spaceship or even any character in a spacesuit goes deeper than 100 miles in a gas giant atmosphere suffers 1D6 times 100 hit points of damage every 30 minutes, due to the combination of heat and pressure.

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