Paige Lestrange

Paige Wyatt Lestrange is a 19 year old Dark Witch, who beleives that everything happens for a reason. Currently, she lives with her two Sisters ( Ruby and Scarlett Lestrange.) and her one year old Daughter (Isabelle Rose Lestrange.)

As a child before Hogwarts

Paige lived with her adoptive muggle parents (Oscar and Delilah Wyatt) untill she left Hogwarts at the end of her first year. Before starting primary school - as it was called in Scotland - she had made a few things happen without even realising. Her muggle parents knew straight away that she was going to find out sooner or later her true self. Attending only one year at her primary school, she was sone excluded for her un-explained mishaps that had happened in the classroom. As a result, she was home schooled by her mother - an ex University lecturer. Learning new things never seemed to be a problem for her as she picked up on a few things herself including her knowledge on the worlds wild life and the true meaning of war which had an impact on her future. She gained alot of knowledge from her father who was a zoologist which that too boosted her knowledge on animals in the world. Through the years up untill her first year at Hogwarts, she lived life like any other muggle-child had done before her. When her letter had first arrived, she was extremely excited to even have mail arrive by owl. Upon opening it, she thought someone was pulling some sort of prank on her. Her adoptive parents were proud that she'd soon discover what awaited her future in the magical world. Sadly, at the end of her first year her parents were murdered by a death eater who still seeked revenge on the new generation of Riddle and Lestrange blood.


Paige attended Howarts for her full seven years, and acheived many of her NEWT's with her specialty lying in the dark arts and the inerest in Astronomy.

On her first day at Hogwarts, she was sorted into Slytherin house which was a pure-blood house. She herself knew this and it had stuck in her mind for all the years about why she was sorted into Slytherin. Being the only 'muggle-born' in Slytherin house, she went through her days being picked on for her family background. After three years of the constant pressure, Paige finally shown her darker side when she cast the 'sectumsempra' curse on a Gryffidnor girl. Her power increased more which was shown through her Defence Against The Dark Arts classes. In her seventh year, she attended the Yule Ball with her love interest at that point; Camron Shear. He was head boy and captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team. They'd been dating since their fourth year and it wasn't untill that day they had had an argument. As a result, Paige ended up with her best friend Cody Reece who attended the ball with her. After the ball, everything was back to normal, and her best friend was left on his own once more.

Life after Hogwarts

Paige left Hogwarts to start a life with her, now fiancé, Camron. Everything was perfect for them both as they lived in a muggle village together. Everything turned when Camron decided to cheat on her with the same Gryffindor girl she had attacked in her third year of Hogwarts. It happened in the wizard graveyard where he was caught red handed with her. Paige's usual temper had rose to it's maximun which lead her to cast the killing curse on the girl, which became her first kill. Camron's reaction was horrific which left Paige pregnant after being raped and beaten by him. Ever since this, she's barely ever trusted anyone else untill she met her first sister, Ruby Lestrange, after an eventful duel with her. It wasn't untill they had both captured the minister when they found out about their real parents and their third sister. Paige spent most of her time with her sister and during this time discovered she was pregnant with her first child Raquel Lestrange. Meeting with the wife of Draco Malfoy, Paige had now found herself a true enemy who later 'fell' at the mercy of Paige's wand after Malfoy had murdered her daughter.

Love interests

Camron Shear: Deceased after being murdered by annonymous. Orlando Pierros: Father of Isabelle Lestrange - ex-fiancé Deptford Crept: Cause of her parylisis - split-up.


Paige is beleived to be fierce and heartless like her other sister Ruby. Under neath her outer shell, she is the one of the softest and most sensitive people that you could meet. Her lack of trust disables people from entering her barrier. She's lossed all her hope in love and now beleives she is cursed for life. She's willing to sacrafice herself for her sister Ruby, who is more of a best friend as well as her sister. She's an encouraging person who pushes her pupils to their full potential, but won't stand for any trouble makers and time wasting in her class.


Paige currently teaches at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, as the Defence Against the Dark Arts professor. Also, she is the current Head of Hufflepuff House.


Paige has no specific religion. The only thing she beleives in his her own faith and that everything happens for one reason or another.

Special Abilities


Ability to shift into more than one animal with alot of practice on taking the form. Current forms acheived: Puma Geko Eagle


Paige has not been able to unveil her patronus. Only once has she ever succeeded which took form a swan.


Paige has died once in her lifetime after being sent off the edge of the mountain tops by her sister Scarlett. Paige returned a week later with memory loss.



Paige has gone through many wands in her lifetime these include: 12" Holly Phoenix feather 11" Oak Redcap fang entwined with dragon heartstring 13" Blackwood Werewolf back hair entwined with spline of giant

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