Pain is the 14th, episode from T-o-s (Season 5).

Running Time: 7 minites. 


Joe finds human trail by Jessica so he Joe builds a fence but Jessica gets a pin in her foot. Causing her to bite Joe. Kasim is concerned that Jessica  might have Olives Poison (Disease) that infection will turn you evil.   Joe runs off screaming in terror. Kasim then suggest maybe Jessica might have Olives Poison. Soon everyone in town runs screaming. A reporter named Santino suggest that Joe explain what happened. Joe explained he had a rash on his arm and tickles in his chest. Kenity explains he got bit too, Joe and Kenity scream. John turns music on causing Joe, Woody and Gina to dance and sing to Head to Dance an hip-hop version and parody of Head to Game. 

After the song John runs to Jeremy's resturant Po, Ernie and Buzz survive. John then suggest they forget about Olives Poison. Upon hearing this Shrek appers and was trying to figure out the problem the whole time. Shrek finds the problem Jessica has a  Pin in her foot. Everybody is okay and stopped acting crazy.

Kelly upon hearing this is confused. By: Roc.


Undertaker as John.

Batasta as Joe.

Wendy as Jessica.

Jerry as Kasim. 

By: Roc.


Woody as himself.

Buzz as himself.

Ernie as himself. 


Joe appered in Sleepover for Joe

By: Roc.

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