Pain Is Love is a 2001 album by Ja Rule.The album became Ja Rule's highest-selling album of his career. The album sold over 6 million copies in the US and 12.5 million copies worldwide. (#1 US - 2 weeks, #3 UK). The singles included "Livin' It Up" (featuring Case), "Down Ass Bitch" (featuring Charli Baltimore), "I'm Real (Murder Remix)" (Jennifer Lopez featuring Ja Rule), and the single that started R&B singer Ashanti's career, "Always on Time" (featuring Ashanti). "Always On Time" was a large success in Zimbabwe, spending 22 consecutive weeks at #1 and 75 weeks in the top 10. The song "Down Ass Bitch" was titled Down Ass Chick for airplay. The album contains no diss tracks, despite the recently started conflict with famous rapper 50 Cent.

It was also released in a censored version removing the constant profanity through the album. Some songs still contain violent lyrics and drug content is only edited half the time.

Track listing

# Title Producer(s) Feature guest(s) Time
1 "Pain Is Love" (Skit) 1:20
2 "Dial M for Murder" Lil' Rob and Irv Gotti 3:32
3 "Livin' It Up" (radio edit) Irv Gotti Case 4:17
4 "The INC." Irv Gotti Caddillac Tah, Black Child & Ashanti 3:56
5 "Always on Time" Irv Gotti Ashanti 4:05
6 "Down Ass Bitch" Irv Gotti Charli Baltimore 5:31
7 "Never Again" Irv Gotti 4:18
8 "Worldwide Gangsta" Irv Gotti Caddillac Tah, Black Child, Boo & Gotti 3:20
9 "Leo" (Skit) Irv Gotti 2:18
10 "I'm Real (Murder Remix)" Irv Gotti Jennifer Lopez 4:12
11 "Smokin and Ridin" Irv Gotti Jodie Mack & 0-1 4:51
12 "X" Irv Gotti Missy Elliott & Tweet 5:02
13 "Big Remo" (Skit) 0:19
14 "Lost Little Girl" Irv Gotti 5:00
15 "So Much Pain" Irv Gotti and Lil' Rob 2Pac 5:03
16 "Pain Is Love" Irv Gotti 5:04

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