Paintings, aside from Illustrations , contain artwork made for the game. They can be collected as soon as the player owns the mansion in the Capital of Egypt and has bought the house upgrade, equipping its second floor with a gallery.

Once the paintings are collected and placed in the right spot in the gallery, they can be viewed fullscreen.

Their locations are:

01 - house above blonde girl, main square
02 - artshop. (this one may be blocked by an NPC, come back at night)
03 - second floor, house in athrosa village with scholar.
04 - athrosa village tavern.
05 - second basement in ruins of the past.
06 - inside room in gatehouse, outside the tower of hades.
07 - second floor of house at mount falcon.
08 - wintero item/weapons and armour shop.
09 - second floor of greece isolated ruins, third edward fight.
10 - in the back of osira's liar, in the center cell.
11 - arena main fighting hall.

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