The Pak'ma'ra are carrion eaters. In addition to the rods and cones present in the eyes of most species, pak'ma'ra can see into the ultraviolet using pyramidal cells located near the optic bundle. A pak'ma'ra's facial tentacles are used in securing food and moving it into the mouth cavity. It also appears to be a center for sexual stimulation. Their teeth are beak-like in structure. The inflexible beak makes speaking most languages impossible, so the pak'ma'ra make extensive use of translator devices. Being carrion eaters, the pak'ma'ra are less prone to infections and diseases (although the engineered Drafa disease was able to cross-species and affect them). Consequently, pak'ma'ra water and air filtration units are substandard for other species' use. Of particular infamy is the water. The bacterium in pak'ma'ra water (which is believed to aid in the pak'ma'ra's digestion process) gives most species not accustomed to it diarreah, cramps, and is potentially fatal. pak'ma'ra tastes aside, they are able digest fresh spoo, proof that spoo is the Universal Foodstuff.

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