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The basic premise of this wiki is that human genetics have scarcely changed since the stone age and that contemporary man is maladapted to the many changes in society since. These maladjustments give rise to the majority of diseases and infirmities that correspond to a lack of health as defined by the WHO as "the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being" with added later "including the ability to lead a socially and economically productive life" [1]. This insight has been coined using different terms:

The goal of this wiki is to present and discuss:

  1. the findings from relevant studies on extinct and extant hunter-gatherers
  2. ways and means to re-introduce in present day society the physical, mental and social balance that the human body and mind was originally evolved for.

Although philosophical and meta-physical issues can be very interesting in this context, it is the explicit intent of this wiki to deal only with facts and argumentations that can withstand the scrutiny of the scientific method. The consequences of this stance are:

  • falsifiablity: A good illustration of what attitude this fosters is Steven Dutch's "notice to visitors" [2]:"...if you want to take issue with any position expressed here, you first have to answer this question: What evidence would it take to prove your beliefs wrong?..."
  • humility: As science covers only a small part of the natural phenomena and only deals with "truths" that are only the best possible ones for the time being it is only fair that scientists show restraint in extrapolating from their results to recommendations for actions and policies. This is best illustrated by the following quote from Dr. Richard T. Johnson in a NY Times article "every time you try to draw an obvious conclusion, you can be sure of only one thing: be ready for surprises."
  • firmness: Humility, however, should not stand in the way of a rightful firm stance in arguing the validity of of the findings.
  • take into account all evidence: Selective science is the mother of confusion. Most is out of ignorance of all relevant domains of science (hence the need for personal humility); some is on purpose and malicious.

This wiki's name "paleo wellness" is derived from:

  • "paleo" as the short form of "paleolithic" as used in the already more known term "paleodiet" [3]
  • "wellness" is a more modern word for well-being albeit mared with the possible connotation of "alternative medicine" [4].

A more precise name would be "neo-paleo wellness" where "neo" would refer to the translation of paleolithic principles of balance into the present, neolithic society. However, it would sound overly intellectualistic.

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