The Pallasades is a 1960s shopping centre located in Birmingham, UK. The centre was built as part of the renovation of New Street Station, and is located above the station.

The exterior of the shopping centre is likely to be refurbished extensively as part of proposals to renovate the railway station, however the complete demolition of the shopping centre no longer appears likely. The Pallasades has seen a loss of custom due to the reconstruction of the Bullring located nearby, though the reconnection of a link between the two shopping centres has helped to improve customer footfall.

Access to the shopping centre from New Street is in the form of a narrow ramp divided into two by a painted line on the ground, so that pedestrian traffic entering and existing the building does not collide. However this divide is seldom followed despite a frequent message being broadcast through speakers above the ramp. A narrow staircase, which gives access from Stephenson Street, meets the top of the ramp.

The lower level ceilings in the shopping centre are lit up at night as Christmas approaches.

The shopping centre is set for a complete redesign as the rest of the railway station is also rebuilt. The entire redesign could cost £150 million for the shopping centre alone in the £500 million Birmingham Gateway project.

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