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What is a Pandawa?

The Pandawa is the newest class in the MMORPG Dofus. Some would like to think they are a support class, some a drunken brawler, but whatever it is, its definately cool. Sadly, these poor Pandawas have been dying of in an excruciatingly slow way. The reason for this, is that the class is extremely bugged.

If this was the only problem, I guess it could be fixed by spamming support tickets, but its not. The class is lacking in consistency and was not thought out enough to really even make it as a proper class.

Our aim is for the preservation of our species. To make it more than just a tool you drag around. The aim of this wiki is to document the bugs in this class by players who have done the hard yards, and then to perhaps redesign this class so that it might actually have a chance in the world.

Current List of Spell Bugs

Pandawa class spells
Name Level Short description
White-Hot Vulnerability 1 Reduces targets resistance to Fire
Boozer 1 Needed to cast elemental spells.
Blazing Fist 1 Fire Based short ranged spell.
Terror 3 Turns the enemy into a coward.
Alcoholic Blow 5 Medium ranged Air based spell.
Aqueous Vulnerability 9 Reduces enemies resistance to Water.
Hang Over 13 Earth Based short ranged spell.
Karcham 17 Carry an ally
Wind Vulnerability 21 Reduces enemies resistance to Air.
Stabilization 26 Makes target immune to knockback for a time
Chamrak 31 Throws a carried player
Earth Vulnerability 36 Reduces enemy's earth resistance
Stain 42 Casts a random effect to make the enemy lose his concentration. ( One of: Decrease damage, increase critical failures, dispel magic effects or AP loss )
Bamboo Milk 48 Dispells magic effects on caster and removes drunk status
Melancholy 54 Inflicts water damage to the enemy.
Karzam 60 Allows to carry an enemy
Explosive Flask 70 Inflicts Fire damage to an area.
Pandatak 80 Inflicts earth damage
Pandiniuras 90 Doubles damage or heals HP.
Spirit Bond 100 Summons an Ancient Panda. Must be drunk to use.

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