Panini Kaye is the younger sister of Jodelle and the love interest of Hanna's younger brother Hubert Morrison appearing in Once Upon A Teenage Lifetime. She has black hair in twin tails and blue eyes. Her main outfit is composed of: a red long sleeved dress with a white diaper inside, white pantyhose and black Mary-Jane dress shoes. She is voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern. At her age, she is 5-years-old.


  • Samantha and Patrick Kaye (Parents)
  • Jodelle and Megan Kaye (Sisters)
  • Hubert Morrison (Love Interest)


  1. Being cute to Hubert
  2. Leaning to be queen
  3. Being a cute side


  1. The way Jodelle and Megan argue
  2. Her fear of bees
  3. Getting into lots of tantrums

Character Inspirations

  • Panini is an inspiration to Courage The Cowardly Dog, since both characters are cowardly persons


  • She is given a high pitched voice, as described in the series.

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