Panini The Cowardly Kaye Girl is a Once Upon A Teenage Lifetime spoof to Courage The Cowardly Dog.


  1. Panini Kaye as Courage (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  2. Jodelle Kaye as Muriel Bagge (Janice Kawaye)
  3. Megan Kaye as Eustace Bagge (Candi Milo)

Opening Script

  • (We open this sequence with Newscaster Billie Harper narrating it)
  • Newscaster Billie Harper: We interrupt this program to bring you: Panini The Cowardly Kaye Girl, starring Panini Kaye the 5-year-old girl. Abandoned as an infant, she was found by Jodelle who lives in the town of Bellsworth with her bossy Goth sister Megan Kaye.
  • Megan Kaye: Humph!
  • Newscaster Billie Harper: But creepy stuff happens in Bellsworth. It's up to Panini to save her new home.
  • (Megan turns the television off with anger)
  • Megan: Stupid girl! You made me look bad!
  • (She pulls out a Masked March 7 mask from the Sesame Street Segment and roars at Panini, who then jumps out of Jodelle's lap, screams in terror and runs towards the camera, with her mouth engulfing the whole screen, as the Once Upon A Teenage Lifetime logo appears afterwards)

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