Panny the Little Panda and Friends is Studio Gibli/ThomasParody Series


Panny as Thomas

Gauche as Edward

Tombo as Henry

Gonta as Gordon

Patzu as James

Tinny as Percy

Porco as Toby

Cat Bus as Bertie

Sousuke as Terence

Taku Morisaki as Duck

Lupin as Diesel

Miyu Irino as Harold

Fujiko Mine as Daisy

Seita as Boco

Satsuki Kusakabe as Annie

Mei Kusakab as Clarabele

Poddo as Sir Topham Hatt

Homily as Lady Hatt

Haru as Travor

Sherlock Hound as Donald

Jhon Watson as Douglas

Takasi Yamada as Oliver

Kiki as Mavis

Ponkichi as Bill

Shoukichi as Ben

No Face Monster as Bulgy

Nieya as Stepney

Mimiko as Caroline

Kanta as George

Jodo as The Diesel 261

The Naughty as Bulstrode

Musuka as Toad

Totoro as Crankey

Fujimoto as Dereck

Gigen as Arry

Goemon as Bert

Osono Old Slow Coach

Kouichi as Thumper

Moro as Boulder

Lady Clarisse d`Cagliostro as Lady

Professor Moriarty as Diesel 10

Smily as Splatter

George/Toddo as Dodge

Mickey Mouse as Miter Conductor

Jhon as Patch

Rabbit as Billy

Datches as Stacy Jones

King Triton as Burnett Stone

Minnie Mouse as Lilly

Jasmine as Lilly`s Mom

Woody as Conductor Junior

Captain Hook as PT Boomer

Scamp as Mutt

Train as Old Smokey

Walt Disney as The Station Anouncer

Casey Junior as The Rainbow Sun

Susuwatari as Trouble Some The Tracks

Bou as Harvey

Sasuke as Salty

San as Elizabeth

Chihiro as Emily

Noboru Yamada as Fergus

Duffie as Murdoch

Ryutaro as Arthur

Donald Curtis as Spencer

Risa as Molly

Zoo Master as Neville

Hala Motoro as Dennis

Ponyo as Rosie

Bunta as Rockey

Frog as Jeremmy

Ten Cents as Jack

Sunshine as Alfie

Warrior as Oliver (the Pack)

Big Mac as Byron

Lillie Ship as Isobella

Herculies as Kelly

Top hat as Ned

Grampus as Buster

OJ as Nelson

Bluenose as Patrick

Zorran as Max

Sea Rouge as Monty

Captain Star as Qurrey Master

Woman Captain Star as Miss Janny

Inspector Koichi Zenigata as Hector

Mike Cat as Wiff

Kakkou as Billy

Mom Mouse as Madge

Little Racoon as Stanley

Little Mouse as Hank

Granman Maale as Flora

Thomas as Skarloey

Percy as Rheneas

Gordon as Sir Handel

Henry as Peter Sam

Toby as Rusty

James as Duncan

Duck as Frediee

Edward as Duke

Donald as Mighty

Douglas as Mac

Diesel as Smudger

Hiro as Bertram

Victor as Proteus

Hank as Neil

Stepney as Ivo Hugh

Crankey as Corin

Sir Topham Hatt as Mister Percival

Lady Hatt as Misess Percival

Doctor Robotonik as God Red

Shadow as Ernest

Tails as Wilfred

Sonic as Culddie

Roter as Shane

Knuckles as Lord Harry

Espio as Ararick

Antoine as as Elick

King Acorn as Walter Ritchers

Orson as Rex

Roy as Bert

Garfield as Mike

Bo as Jock

Odie as Frank

Jhon Arbackle as Furgus Duncan

Papa Panda as Hiro

Music Master as Victor

Polly as Kevin

Tamasaburo as Charlie

Toshio as Ferdinand

Gedo as Dash

Alen as Bash

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