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Since cottoning on to the panspermia hypothesis, once a month, when Lisa's got the painters in, Mario throttles up on a spot of getting acquainted with Mrs. Palm and her five lovely daughters, all al fresco style in the great Cheshire countryside (hey, who wouldn't, yeah?), and fires off a hand shandy of sufficient volume, vivacity and velocity to escape both Earth's atmosphere and the solar system's gravity well. He sees it as one way of giving a little back to the the universe in general, but he doesn't like to bring it up in conversation (in a manner of speaking).

contributed by dalinian61

Everytime Mario blinks an angel gets there wings.

contributed by Sniffle774

I am not even trying to imagine what happens if he w***s!

contributed by Doc Shmok

Start building an ark.

contributed by flippo

Does anyone know the buoyancy of sperm?

contributed by Doc Shmok

The specific gravity (defined as the ratio of the density of a given substance to the density of water) of Mario's ejaculate was last measured as 1.24, making it on a par with the world's most hypersaline lakes, such as the Dead Sea in the Jordan Rift Valley, Lake Asal in Djibouti, and the Great Salt Lake in Utah, USA. So an ark would float 24% higher than it would in distilled water. Does this help, Doc Shmok?

A minority opinion in the rapidly expanding field of Mariology holds that, over geological spans of time, the three locations mentioned above were, among others, the favored spots for Mario to enjoy a spot of alfresco bishop bashing (preceeding his adaption to the panspermia hypothesis) and that in fact all the Earth's salt lakes are archaic Mario jizz puddles.

contributed by dalinian61

Women should NOT bathe in them.

contributed by flippo

And when it dries?

contributed by Doc Shmok

A renegade cell of Mariology extremists, holed up somewhere in the 4,085 square miles of the Salar de Uyuni in southwest Bolivia, claim that the the world's largest salt flat is the result of Mario's changing preferences for sites in which to enjoy monkey spanking en plein air, and that all the world's salt pans are what happens when archaic Mario jizz puddles dry up.

contributed by dalinian61

When Mario's at the point of no return during erotic pursuits, he lets out a cry so wondrous but on a very low frequency (infrasound) and out the range of human hearing, (like a bull elephant), that it has caused ships to crash into rocks, having the same effect as the Sirens from ancient mythology.

contributed by Lilitu

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