Pants Party

This is the work-in-progress wiki page for the MySpace group, Pants Party.

The group was originated from the Old Nintendo group, when a member named Lahna (aka Awesomeo Queen) asked in a thread "Where is the Party at?", and unexpectedly a member that goes by the name Kitty Man responded "in mah pants." After that all hell broke loose. Members started to become friends and members started to make enemies. It was a completely original trend. Then, soon after Kitty Man created a group for the famous thread of the Old Nintendo group. The group was founded on Apr 7, 2006.

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Pants Party members

Kitty Man- Grand Homosexual Overlord-

Lahna- Awesomeo Queen-

Kain- HTML Lord-

EZE- Librarian-

DarkRaven- Dark Spellcaster-

Homiko- the Loner- Homiko joined the group the very day of its creation and was made a mod late December of 2006. She is a fairly regular poster (as well as an original Pants Partier), formerly known as the Queen's Knight. She's allergic to stupidity. When not doing homework to earn her bachelor's degree in Biology, she can be found drawing, writing poems, doing layouts for other partiers, or roleplaying in her group. She used to have a poetry request thread, but had it removed for personal reasons. She's a chai addict.

Morte- Royal Mercenary- (Birmingham, AL) Joined in May of '06 at Kitty Man's behest shortly after the groups creation. Morte is an honorary OPP. That fact, combined with consistent activity in the group, led to Morte being named as a mod in August of 2007. He would then be immediately asked to assist in reviving the Nintendo group, successfully becoming the "hard-ass" Mod. During his free time, Morte can be found with PhOT and Nosferatu, killing himself with oversized soccer balls, or spending time with Resident member Anna.

Ranking Officers
Michael- Royal Artist-

Adam- Royal Jedi-

Justin- Royal Bartender-

Sven- Tammy-

Stephen Belanger- Drifter-

John- Caboose-

Roshi- Intergalactic Bounty Hunter-

Men of the Imperium
VGF- Grey Knight Grand Master-

Phot- Chaplain-

Royal Pets
Fifi- Royal Cat-

Bruno- Fonja-

Erica- Ninja Donut Cat-

Akamaru- Royal Dog-

Jahonay-Royal Gorrila-

Doppleganger - Shapeshifter- The one and only, the man livin' it up in Vegas. He's an original, and how can he not be with those beautiful curls and deep piercing eyes? Not to mention the smarts buoy floatin' around in his head. Some people try to call him a hypocrite, but how can you believe that when you can't even find his original?

Black Kitty Mage- local black mage-

Malex- Nintendo turtle-

Anna- Morte's Princess- Joined in November 2006 thanks to Morte, whom she started dating in October of 2006. Originally from Talladega, Alabama, she moved to Birmingham, Alabama with Morte to attend the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She's currently a freshman looking to major in Criminal Justice.

Jessie- Party Banana-

Frank- Wii Informant-

Suroosh X- Music Man-

Aaron- Big Ben-

Teh Adam- Flame Ninja- Joined in 2006 via an invitation from Kitty Man. Adam is well known for being eccentric. He lives in Ohio, where he spends most of his days playing World of Warcraft, or doing other bizarre things, such as making armor variations from popular video games. He has made many friends through the myspace community, mainly from the Pants Party, the Myspace Nintendo Group, Finish the Fight, etc. He intends to enter into the video game industry as a 3D Modeler or a Game Software Engineer.

Kevin- DJ Player-

Dr Cloar- The Doctor-

Puddles- That Guy-

Grant- The Disco Bandit-

Thy Freak- Teh Ninja-

Josh- NOT Iron Man-

The Forsaken One- Super Dude-


KJC- Kjc, follower of a great warrior named Meta-Knight and obsessed by his lighting-quick sword-fighting, adapted through harsh training to become the best of the best. Kjc joined the Myspace Nintendo Group during the Br4n age, hoping to get new friends to battle online. During this time Lahna had made the infamous PARTY? thread, Kjc added his comments in the old thread before Turbo became the mod once again. He stayed during the Wigger Attack and had then begun lurked in the Myspace Nintendo Group as a podcast host called the "Sagecast".

Obey Jonathan-

Silent Gaiden-

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