Papa Louie Papa's Characters Ending Series festured from the Movie.


  • Papa Louie as Sir. Lancelot
  • Roy as Sir. Lancelot Jr.
  • Big Pauly as Leader
  • Chuck as Matt Armstrong
  • Mindy as Tina Harrott
  • Taylor as Mike Grey
  • Allan as Deron Rogers
  • Timm as Johnny Williams
  • Penny as Alice Grant
  • Sue as Lami Warners
  • Cooper as Eddy Jay
  • Maggie as Linda White
  • Marty as Derrick Neff
  • Wally as Grandfather
  • Robby as Ryan Griffith
  • Rita as Melinda Armstrong
  • Mitch as Garrett Eureka
  • James as Justin Saint
  • Greg as Nick Whirls
  • Mary as Zeena Tram
  • Prudence as Zelda Carolina Fitzgerald

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