Mission 2: Parallels

I apologize for any bad spelling/grammar/language etc. this was written by numerous people and may seem confusing.

Part 1: Parallel

{Bridge, 1200}

  • Rantonia is sat in his chair when stevens says something*

Stevens: Sir, there is a quantum foam ahead.

Rantonia: Interesting, Travan, scan it.

Travan: *while scanning* Normal qunatum foam captain, nothing to report.

Rantonia: Helm take us in.

  • The ship enters the quantum foam but it is not what they thought*

Stevens: Sir the wormholes have been blown open!

Rantonia: Helm, turn us about!

Stevens: I'm trying sir but the wormhole is dragging us in

Rantonia: All Hands BRACE!

  • THe ship rocks abot and flies intoa wormhole after about 5 minutes

of rocking the ship stops*

Rantonia: WHere are we?

Travan: Sir a federation ship is warping into the system.

Rantonia: WHat ship is it, hail them and tell them we need assistance

Stevens: Sir there firing on us!

Rantonia: What?! Wachowksi, maximum shields!

Wachowski: Aye sir.

Travan: It's the I.S.S Firebreather, we're in an alternate universe

Rantonia: We're in the mirror universe.

Soval: Apparently Captain, we are

O'Kot: What do we do?

Rantonia: First hold shields, seocnd All senior crew report to the conference room.

{conference room, 1300}

Rantonia: I want any ideas of what to do.

  • ship vibrates*

Rantonia: ABout that.

Soval: THe shields are holding sir, i don't think they are trying to destroy us.

Travan: You what! They're firing at us of course there trying to destroy us!

Rantonia: Calm down Ensign, now do we have any ideas!

{conference room, 1310}

  • taren enters the room*

taren: hello, i'm the new chief diplomatic officer. And sir have some bad news, the wormhole ahs collapsed, we can't get back.

rantonia: ah helllo, you should know the situation right now so sit down.

okot: i have aplan, we talk to the crew on the iss firebreather and try and see if they can give us a way home.

rantonia: good idea, but will they talk to us?

sullivan: maybe

okot: it would work

travan: wait, we take it to them and then find another wirmhole

rantonia: no, okot your idea will probably work best, this is where you come in handy Mr. Taren.

Hansman sat in his chair in the confrence room looking forward. He had just been informed that they hadn't been send to an paralel univerce but back in time. They now were in the year 2389. He whas frightend. Not because he hated timetravel. No, he loved that but he rememberd something his mom had told him. One of his ansesters, Captain Hendrick Hansman, whas the commanding officer of an ship calles the I.S.S. Firebreather in the year............2389. His had told him that an ship from the futere had destroyed the Firebreather with all it's crew. He hoped that the story of his mom whas wrong.

Hansman stood up and walked onto the bridge. Rantonia had given him command so that Rantonia could have an talk with the new diplomatic officer about the situation. "Okay, prepare forward phasers. Use an low voltage to fire an warning shot. dysable their weapons." The Tactical officer on duty fired. Hansman looked at the screen. The phaserbeam hit the ship making an tremendous blast. The I.S.S. Firebreather got into an spin. "Ensign, Tractor beam. I want that ship stoped." Hansman said. The Ensign fired the tractorbeam and the I.S.S. Fireabreather stoped. "What the hell whas that. I said an low voltage." The Ensign looked at the Commander. "I used an low voltage Sir. I am not fomiliar with that kind of ship, sir. There were some plasma couplers there. They exploded an made the ship spin. I am sorry." The command sat down. "It's okay. Hail them" Bertus said. A few seconds later the face of Captain Hansman came on. "Ah, Commander. Nice to talk to you. Why have you dameged almost 10 percent of my ship? I lost lifesupport on 6 o the 10 deks. You know that an Firefly class ship has plasmacouplers there. I'm going to report this to Starfleet Command." The Captain said. Everyone on the bridge couldn't say a word. The Captain looked ecactly as Commander Hansman and yet again totaly difrent. "Captain" Bertus said. "I am Commander, euh, Bertus Hansman. Our ship is from the United Federation of Planets in the year 2499. We investigated an wormhole witch trew us back in time. To this time. On behave of the crew of the USS Firebreather, I appologize." The screen blinked and the I.S.S. Firebreather fired several photon and quantum torpedoes. "Sir, they are fireing on our warpcore. I suggest we fire back." The Ensign at the Tactical Station said. "Fire..... quantum torpedoes but try not to destroy that ship. Omly damage it." Hansman said. The ensign shot two torpedoes. They hit the ship and it exploded. When the explosion whas gone so whas the ship.

  • Ju'To was stood at her operations position awaiting any orders*

Ju'To: Commander, that man, he looked extremely like...

Hansman: Me?

Ju'to: How did...

Hansman: one of my ancestors

Ju'TO: Oh, then why...

Hansman: Travan run a scan on the ships weappons, somethings up.

  • Ju'To nodded at the Commander and took her leave. She went to the


Marine medical area 16:00
  • Sullivan has just finished her physical and is leaving still going

over why her rengenerater was now consistently failing to rengenerate the nanoprobes inside of her she also began to think about being stuck in this mirror universe*

lounge 16:30

  • having come to the conclusion that she knew what had been bothering

her while she rengerated Sullivan decided that she needed to share it with someone luckily she spotted ensign Ju'tu sitting on her own well she was as good as anybody Sullivan went over*

Ju'tu: need somebody to talk to?

Sullivan: yes

Ju'tu: what about?

Sullivan: my regenerater hasn't been working lately

Ju'tu: have you told wachowski?

Sullivan: yes and he says that its nothing to do with the regenerater

Ju'tu: well what did he say it was?

Sullivan: me

Ju'tu: why?

Sullivan: he thinks that I may be becoming less borg by the day

Ju'tu: you mean freeing yourself from dependency on borg technology?

sullivan: yes

Ju'tu: that's great news

sullivan: I know *combadge beeps* =/\=yes who is it?=/\=

moore:=/\=please report back to the marine medical lab at once=/\=

sullivan:=/\= on my way=/\=

marine medical lab 16:45

Sullivan: you're sure about that?

moore: yes

sullivan: well thats the best thing i've heard since I found myself freed from the hived mind

  • sullivan leaves*

bridge 17:00

  • sullivan now in a different mood than she was earlier enters the


Rantonia: ok people we have a serious crisis on our hands the ISS Firebreather has dissapeared from our sensors now al those who were on the bridge when the battle took place claim it was destroyed now I have a gut instinct that the ship hasn't

soval: why?

Rantonia: because a ship with a hansman in command is a very resourceful ship I'm sure that ship survived the explosion

hansman: thank you sir

  • normal conversation is resumed*

rantonia: miss sullivan can I ask why you have come on to the bridge?

sullivan: I need to discuss something with you

captains ready room 17:10

Rantonia: you are absolutely sure about what private moore said

sullivan: yes captain

rantonia: run this past me again

sullivan: my generater hasn't been doing its job lately so I went to wachowski who could find nothing wrong with it he suggested that I was becoming less borg by the day. Private moore confirmed this but he found that I was becoming less borg too fast he says theres a 80% chance that my implants will fail inside the next few days. without my implants my chances of survival have decreased to 5%!

rantonia: the other 95%?

sullivan: a young borg can adapt to functioning without implants faster than an adult unfortunatley my designation classifys me as an adult which means that the chances are that my adaptation would kick in to late however there is a 10% chance that it will kick in just when I need it to.

  • hansman enters*

hansman: sorry to interrupt sir but we think that we have found a wormhole which we could use to get ourselves out of here

rantonia: and?

hansman: unfortunatley it will take us around 2 weeks to get there

rantonia: two weeks at maximum warp?

hansman: no sir two weeks at full impulse we are in the middle of a nebula and theres something else

rantonia: what?

hansman: the wormhole is situated right at the heart of klingon space and you don't want to know where we think the wormhole comes out in our universe

rantonia: where?

hansman: Qo'nos

rantonia: darn it some klingons are so hungry for battle they would think we were going to attack that planet is there any other way?

hansman: no sir

rantonia: right then *yells from doorway* ensign stevens set a course for this wormhole you think you have found speed is full impulse.

stevens: aye sir

{Deep SPace, 1500}

  • THe ship arrived neear the the wormhole home*

Rnatonia: OK, Helm take us in, ALl hands brace for impact.

Stevens: *as the ship is moving into the hole* Sir it's destablizing!

Rantonia: NO!

Stevens: Yes it is!

Rantonia: Turn us around head for earth!

Stevens: YES SIR!

{Starfleet Academy, 1200}

  • An admiral and captain rantonia are tlaking.*

Admiral: Well Captain, i've never heard of the USS Firebreatehr before, but i'm sure it will be a good addition to starfleet

Rantonia: Sorry Admiral, but it already is in starfleet as i told you we're from the future!

Admiral: That story is a load of rubbish, it's impossible!

Rantonia: Have you ever heard of quantum physics Admiral

Admiral: Are you questioning me?!

Rantonia: As it appears yes!

Admrial: How dare you!

Rantonia: You refuse to believe us?!

Admiral: I do not believe you captain, Guards take him and his crew to the brig!

{Starfleet Brig, 1300}

Rantonia: Well this is good

Travan: If it wasn't for you and your big mouth...

Rantonia: Shut up Victor! And stop eating your making us hungry!

Travan: Sorry sir. *throws some food on the floor, that he's been eating*

Rantonia: Any plans?

Sullivan: None sir

Rantonia: O'Kot? Rik? Bertus, surely you have an idea!

Hansman: Sorry sir no.

Rantonia: Damn, well i'll say it again, this is good. We're stuck in the past without a ship, brilliant!

O'Kot: Yes, that is logical

Travan: Shut up!

O'Kot: What, hey, i outrank you so...

Rantonia: Calm down or when we get our ship back i'lll put you both in the brig, now sit down!

Soval: Sir, that is if we get our ship back

Travan: Stop being so damn logical!

Rantonia: I'm warning you!

Travan: Oh shi...

Rantonia: ENSIGN!

Travan: Shitaki mushrooms

Rantonia: How i wish this crew was sane!

  • The admiral enters*

Admiral: Right then, first person i want to interview is Ranto...*slips on Travans food*

Travan: Oh dear!

Rantonia: *pan* Victor, i love you! If i were a woman i would kiss you.

  • The crew exit onto a long corridor*

Part 2: Parallel-Starfleet

{Starfleet, 1400}

  • The crew are wandering round everyone they pass looks at them

because of there uniforms*

Travan: What?

Rantonia: Victor for the last time shut up!

O'Kot: Sir, there is a air vent to our left

Rantonia: *looks left* Great thinking Lieutenant!

O'Kot: Thank you sir

  • they enter the vent*

SOval: This is a tight squeeze

  • suddenly the shaft breaks and Rantonia and Travan fall*

Soval: Sir!

Sullivan: Vic!

Hansman: Keep going peoople, they'll be OK.

{Starfleet Basement, 1410}

Rantonia: Great, stuck on my own with the most insane starfleet officer in the world, god save me! Oh great he's unconscious!

  • He picks Travan up and starts walking*

Rantonia: Wake up you dumbo!

  • travan wakes up*

Travan: Ah sir!

  • rantonia drops him*

Travan: OW!

Rantonia: Be quiet! Look through this vent!

  • Travan and Rantonia peer through a vent, the admiral is giving a

talk to some security officers*

Admiral: I want them dead or alive, only spare the Captain! Go!

  • The officers leave and Rantonia and Tra\van look at eachother


{Starfleet Hangar, 1500}

Hansman: SHes still here, only heavily guarded.

Stevens: Good!

  • Stevens runs out to the guards and shoots*

Sullivan: You fool! *she runs to help him, eventually the whole senior crew goes and kills all the guards*

{Firebreather Bridge, 1530}

Hansman: OK, i'm in charge, Sullivan please take temporary science and scan the area for the minor crew members, travan and Rantonia.

Sullivan: Yes sir.

Nadia entered the bridge and sat at her conn, Commander Bertus hansman her new XO was in the center chair, "Take your seat Ensign" he said.

firebreather bridge 15:00

Sullivan: sir I have a lock on them

hansman: beam them straight to the bridge

bridge 15:05

  • rantonia and traven enter by transporter*

hansman: great to have you back now we can get out of here

stevens: theres little chance of that sir

rantonia: why?

stevens: theres a force field straight infront of the hangar bay doors and to make things worse the hangar doors are sealed

sullivan: wheres the power source of those things?

traven: the main power plant

sullivan: leave it to me

rantonia: alright lieutenant cournel

sullivan: just leave me two shuttles for the marines to make their getaway in

soval: why not just wait for you to come back?

sullivan: I might not make it back plus if I don't make it back and you wait then you will still be trapped so I beg you that as soon as those barriers are removed that you get the heck out of here.

stevens: *admireingly* true starfleet loyalty sir

O'Kot: duty before herself

hansman: you're call sir

rantonia: our hopes are with you miss sullivan I hope you can do us proud

Sullivan: failure has never entered my vocabulary sir and I don't think it ever will *taps commbadge* =/\= all marines to the boarding ramp=/\= *leaves*


Peruva looks shocked and she turns to the captain::

Peruva: Sir theres a class 12 light phaser beam heading towards the ship, it will intercept in 5, 4, 3, 2,

Rantonia: =/\=SULLIVAN DO NOT LEAVE!!!=/\=

A shock hit's the ship, it is rocked about fir 10 minutes::

Stevens: Sir i have damage reports flooding in from all decks, many injuries, and hull breaches on decks 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15, thats all Holodecks, our quarters, the brig and torpedo launchers!

Rantonia: What is going on?

Peruva: there firing again!

Rantonia: Brace for impact

The ship is rocked agian::

Stevens: More reports, Deckbreach on all lower decks!

Rantonia: Get engineering teams on all deck breeches!

Stevens: Forcefields are holding

{bridge, 1700}

  • THe situation is tremendously bad*

Peruva: Another beam heading this way!

  • Ths beam hits*

Stevens: We've now lost power to all lower decks and decks 8 and 9.

Rantonia: Great. Mr. Soval, destroy that forcefield!

  • THe ship fires it's phasers at the highest setting and it is


Rantonia: Well done, Stevens, take us out of here!

Stevensa: We're recieveing a hail from Starfleet

Rantonia: Open a channel

Admiral: He.. us capt... we are de...oy.d!

Travan: Sir the place the fire is coming from is an unknown alien ship out in the system

Rantonia: FInd it!

Admiral: We will le. y.o!

Rantonia: Very well, Soval destroy that ship!

corridor leading to exit ramp 17:00

  • the message had reached Sullivan a fraction too late the three beam

hits had sent her flying against the walls of the corridor when she finally picked herself up and arrived at the place where the marines were it was chaos barely any marine seemed alive she saw two people standing they were O'Reilly and Waters*

O'Reilly: theres about 50 of the 60 dead Emily and 10 unconicious

Sullivan: look out!

  • a piece of metal is heading towards O'Reilly and for a split second

it looks like death until waters shoves him out of the way but can't dodge it himself the sight of this and the following explosion knocks O'Reilly unconsious*

Sullivan: =/\= Sullivan to bridge=/\=

Rantonia: =/\= Bridge here=/\=

sullivan: =/\= status is cataclismic sir 50 privates dead corporal waters dead 10 privates unconsious and sargent O'Reilly unconsious we need immediate assistance down here=/\=

rantonia: =/\= how did corporal waters die?=/\=

sullivan:=/\= he did his duty he sacrificed himself so that sargent O'Reilly could live and sir the forcefield near us seems to be malfunctioning *falls unconious as space air enters the corridor*

rantonia: (on bridge) beam the survivors out of there now!

  • Sullivan,O'reilly and 10 privates all appear unconscious on the

bridge due to the inactivity of sickbay*

rantonia: Dennigan treat them

  • the ship vibrates*

hansman: oh heck here we go again

soval: still no luck with the targetting sir

O'Kot: they must be cloaked

Traven: their not cloaked no cloak is perfect if they were cloaked I would have picked something up by now

stevens: unless they're...

taren: what?

stevens: not dense enough...

traven: to be classed as a reading but I already tried scanning under our sensor range and I still can't pick anything up

Sullivan: *just been revived she looks at the marines and O'Reilly not one of them escaped unscarred* what do you think borg?

rantonia: no chance

hansman: impossible

O'Reilly: *just been revived* well what is it then?

O'Kot: I think its...

hansman: what ensign?

O'Kot: I don't know

Cunningham: *just been revived* what are you hiding ensign do you know who these aliens are?

{Bridge, 1800}

O'Kot: Ensign! Who are you calling Ensign! I'm a Lieutenant Junior Grade mate!

Rantonia: Whoa, Whoa, he only asked a question

O'Kot: OK then. yes i do know something

Sullivan: What

O'Kot: All i know is..

  • A phaser beam hits the ship and throws O'Kot into the air, the

viewscreen is smashed and just before O'Kot flies out a forcefield is put in place*

Stevens: You OK?

  • she is unconscious*

Stevens: O'Kot? Can you hear me? Dennigan!

Dennigan: OK, i need a med team!

Stevens: She btter be OK,

Dennigan: We need to take her somwhere quiet, ah COnference room!

  • Dennigan and a med team take O'Kot to the conference room*

Rantonia: OK, we will join Starfleet in the past, we will stay in this timeline, any objections will be noted in my log.

Hansman: I don't think that there are any objections!

  • THe ship is fired on again*

Stevens: We niw have a hull breach on Deck 7!

Travan: No the crew lounge!

Rantonia: Shut up!

  • Dennigan enters*

Dennigan: She's stable, Lieutenant Stevens, please come in here.

  • Stevens laves into the conference room and sits by O'Kot*

Dennigna: I'll leave you alone.

  • Dennigan leaves*

Stevens: When i first saw you, you know what i thought?! I thought oh theres another Vulcan, damn logic. But now i know that there different, and...and i just want to say O'Kot, that i love you, and when you wake up you will find a small box next to you, and a note please say yes O'Kot.

  • O'Kot wakes up*

O'Kot: Rik, will you marry me?

Stevens: Yes

{conference room, 1810}

  • O'Kot falls back unconscious*

Stevens: I'll go now

  • As stevens is about to leave something bleeps Dennigan enters*

Dennigan: I'm sorry Rik, your gonna have to leave, med team!!!

  • They start working on O'Kot*

{Bridge, 1820}

  • ANother phaser beam hits*

Rantonia: Damn, not again! Soval kep firing, we'll win this!

  • Dennigan enters*

Dennigan: Everybody i have an announcement to make. She went about 5 mniutes ago, i'm sorry Rik.

  • Stevens starts crying*

Stevens: No, No, this can't be happening!

Dennigan: I'm sorry Rik, but it is

Rantonia: Lieutenant STevens, you are relieved of your duties from now until further notice

STevens: I would rather work captain

Rantonia: Are you sure?

Stevens: Yes sir.

Rantonia: Very well

{Bridge, 1830}

Rantonia: Soval maximum phaser setting, FIRE!!

  • The ship in fronttakes a hit, unfortunately thewy can't see it

because it is cloaked*

Rantonia: Wow, we hit it!

Taren: I've found a way to destroy the ship, unfortunatley we need to ram the opposition!

Rantonia: Very well, Take us at them!

  • The ships close together and rip eachother apart*

{Starfleet, Next Day, 0900}

Admiral: Thank you Captain, please settle into your new lifestyle

Rantonia: Thank you

{Bridge, 1200}

Rantonia: Well she needs a refit Bertus

Hansman: Yep

Rantonia: Get her fixed up for the next mission.

Hansman: Yep

Character Development

{Taren's quarters, 1200}

  • Taren is sitting writing at his desk, A Vulcan officer wearing the

rank of Lieutenant comes in*

Taren: Hello, who are you and what are you doing in my quarters...Ma'am, sorry!

Arka: I'm the new chief Security officer.

Taren: Oh, hi then.

shuttle bay 1 12:00 (its been refitted)

  • corporal Waters body is being carried by O'Reilly into a shuttle

the body is placed in and O'Reilly exits*

West: the shuttle has been programmed to auto destruct once its 1000 metres clear of the starbase.

Sullivan: everyone here knew Corporal Waters very well he was a fine leader and a brilliant corporal in fact he would have had a strong chance at becoming Maarine CO had I left the firebreather. He always put others before himself he pushed sargeant O'Reilly out of the way knowing that he would suffer fatal injuries and for that I honor him.

O'Reilly: it was an honor to have served with such a fine man

Smith: he was a great tactician and will be a great loss.

Jackson: he was always a good person to have around.

Sullivan: platoon attention launch shuttle

  • the shuttle launches and at the designated distance explodes there

is a moments silence*

Sullivan: okay then now we are few we can each have a specific area of speciality first Jackson you are promoted to corporal. Mr west you are now the technology expert Miss Baimbrigde you are the demolitions expert Mr Cunningham you are the computers expert Miss Moore you will remain as medical Mr Smith you are in charge of stealth Mr Pai'lak (klingon) you are now the weapons expert ground operation tactics will be looked at by Miss Nelson the vechile pilot will remain as Miss Rondra (vulcan) the same is of Mr Phillips as the vechile gunner

Sullivans quarters 14:00

  • sullivan is talking to west*

Sullivan: thats all I needed my regenerater is virtually useless and with the borg no longer a threat to the federation it would be impossible to get a replacement so as marine technology expert I would like you to try and fix it.

West: i'll see what I can do *he starts to work as Sullivan leaves*

{Bridge, 1400}

  • Rantonia is sat with Hansman*

Rantonia: So many times i have seen crew members die, but none ahs been felt as hard as O'Kots, her funeral is in a few days (OOC: The person who plays O'Kot is on a short LOA, the funeral is when she returns as O'Kots sister, Arka.)

Hansman: Yes

Rantonia; I hope her sister lives up to our expectations

  • Stevens enters*

Stevens: Sir, there is somone to see you in your Ready Room

  • Rantonia goes to his ready room, a bolian wearing the rank of

Commander is there*

Rantonia: Ah Commander, your transfer went smoothly tthen?

Pariz: Yes it did captain

Rantonia: Well you are a new Chief Weapons Officer and Second Officer, welcome aboard the Firebreather!

Pariz: Thankyou!

<Bridge 1500>

<Commander Pariz is on the breidge, she is the current Acting CO as Hansman and Rantonia are on Earth, the other senior officers are on the bridge>

Pariz: Lieutenant Stevens, please give me a station report.

Stevens: Nothing to Report Commander

Pariz: Soval?

Soval: No

Pariz: Arka?

Arka: No Nothing,

Pariz: Travan, Wachowski?

Travan: Nope

Wachowski: SLight radiation on Deck 11, i'll get a team to sort it out.

Pariz: OK. All systems working fine.

{Crew Lounge, 1800}

  • All senior staff are present at the funeral including her sister

Arka, Captain Rantonia is leading the service*

Rantonia: It's time to say goodbye to our beloved friend and colleague but before we do please Lieutenant Stevens say a little word.

Stevens: As soon as i saw Okie, i knew i was in love, she always made me feel warm and happy, god i'm gonna miss her, we were planning on getting married, we had already moved in together.

(OOC: Time for some cheesy romantic music and flashbacks of O'Kots time on the firebreather)

(--Flashback--) O'Kot sat with Rik on there first date Chardonnay in the Crew Lounge Second date The "I love you" post Moving in wit Rik First Kiss minutes before her accident The Question Death (--end flashback--)

Stevens: TO Okie

All: To Okie.

Rantonia: Now we comit Lieutenant O'Kots body to deep space, goodbye.

  • A probe is released with O'Kots body in it*

Rantonia: Rik?

Stevens: Soval, *gulp* Fire!

  • The probe is destroyed*

Rantonia: Everybody, we have fought Romulans, stole a cloaking device, Delivered an Ambassador for peace treaties, gone back in time, destroyed the ISS Firebreather, been artrested by starfleet, escaped, took on by Starfleet, seen crewmembers die and overall had an eventful first era, i would like this oppurtunity to make a toast, to Life, to Starfleet, and to the Firebreather

All: to Life, to Starfleet, and to the Firebreather

End of Mission Notes

This mission was awful, how bad were we then?!

Previous Mission: Romulan Wars
Next Mission: The Hershey

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