Paramount Channel is a channel that broadcasts game shows and other shows, and most notably, their longest running program, Paramount News. It was founded in 1956 by Paramount Pictures.


Paramount Channel had originated from the defunct radio station, Paramount Radio. Soon Paramount would want to form a television network, so WPR-TV (channel 10) had first aired in 1956.


WCGI 35 and its full-time satellite station WFAZ 67 were owned by CBS Radio TV, but in 1960, Paramount Channel had acquired CBS Radio TV and the 2 stations. In 1963 WFAZ became channel 33 and renamed WCIN, and WCGI went to channel 10. These were the only stations owned and operated until 1964, when KTTV 17 had first aired in Dallas. The next station was WNYP 27, which first aired in 1967 at New York, New York. More affiliates came, including a canadian station, CPTV of Ontario. more info coming soon!