Paramount News
Genre News
Developed by Paramount Channel
Starring Jack Cincinatt (1963-2013)
Country of origin USA
Original language(s) English
No. of series 52
No. of episodes


15,697 (aired)
Executive producer(s) Matt Cincinatt
Location(s) Cincinnati, Ohio
Camera setup 1
Running time 25 Minutes
Production company(s) Paramount News Studios

Paramount Television (1967-2006)

CBS Television Studios (2006-present)
Original network Paramount Channel
Audio format Stereo
Original release January 1, 1963 – present
Preceded by CBS Radio TV News

Paramount News (also known as 10&33 News or TV 10&33) is a news program that airs on the Paramount Channel. It made it's first broadcast on January 1, 1963. The show evolved from CBS Radio TV News. It is known as the longest running national news station.

Cast Anchors: Jack Cincinatt (1963-2013), Corey Cincinatt (2013-present)

Weatherpeople: Matt Cincinatt (1963-2008), Mark Laerson (2008-2012), April June (2012-present)

Sportspeople: Lars Cincinatt (1963-1969), Sid Johnson (1969-1997), Marc Losren (1997-2002, 2009-present), Mark Lane (2002-2009)

Other Reporters: Larson Green (1963-1972), Alfonso Fresé (1972-1989), John Johnson (1989-2002), Marc Losren (2002-2009), Mark Lane (2009-present)

Co-Anchors: Amber McCoy (1982-1985, 2013-present), Mary McGreger (1985-1995), Britney Martin (2001-2004), Anna Spruce (2008-2009)


On December 1, 1962, a plan to bring back CBS Radio TV News was proposed. The company was now owned by Paramount Pictures, so the people renamed it Paramount News. On January 1, 1963, Paramount News made it's first televised broadcast in Cincinatti. It's popularity put it through more of Ohio, and by 1970, Paramount affiliates were all over Ohio. In 1972, Paramount affiliates hit Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. The following year, the affiliates were in Pennsylvania and Minnesota. Today, Paramount has 48 states that carry the channel. In 1990, Paramount affiliates reached the Canadian provinces.

Show Segments/Elements

Report Screen: In 1963, a turnable cube known as the Report Screen was first featured on Paramount. It could display pictures and captions for reports. In 1998, it was dismantled to get replaced by computer-operated monitor. The monitor was scrapped in 2007 for special computer affects.

It's the Money that counts: It was first shown in 1968 every Friday on the 5 o'clock show, to talk about the financial business, robberies and more. In 2008, it was renamed Show Me the Money.

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Ohio (1963-)

Michigan (1972-)

Indiana (1972-)

Illinois (1972-)

more coming soon

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