Hero Name: Psion Target
Legal Name: Claire Brennan
Age: 23
Birthplace: Founder's Falls, Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Rank: Patroller
Fighting Style: Controller
Weapon of Choice: Mind Control / Trick Arrow / Gadgets
Origin of Powers: Mutation
Code Name: @Jamus

Special Accolades: None

September 16th 2005 the hero known as Psion Target went MIA in the Founder's Falls area and was presumed dead, December 4th 2006 Psion Target returned to her parents house after discovering that her house had been rented out. Unknown to her was the fact that she had been missing for over a year. Her clothes were different and her bow and other gadgets were missing. She quickly picked up the pieces of her life and on February 8th 2007 submitted her application to the Dawn Patrol.

Claire is a mutant and as such her powers manifested at early puberty. When angry or emotional she found that she could slip into the minds of others, read their thoughts, incapacitate them and so forth. As she gained more control over this gift she could use it at will, and has begun to work on a low level of telekinesis. Also her mutation gave her a sort of super intelligence, although she tries to hide this. She loves to invent and is constantly coming up with new ideas. While her whereabouts remains a mystery one thing is certain, whatever she did during that time increased her powers significantly.

Hero Status: Active duty

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