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Parodia as a House Pet


Teh Parodia's Rival OMFG!!!!111

A parodia is a genus of cacti. It has 50 or 60 species. or some shit. Notice that it's a smaller version of that shit, barrel cactus. (below) Teh Barrel cactus is a lot worse. But we're not here to talk about that. Are we?

Teh History

Teh Parodia was discovered in 34 b.c. when Jebus found teh goblins and they shit it out. lololololol. but seriously. Stepping on one of these things Bare-footed really sucks. so watch out. Teh first time anyone stepped on a cactus steps back a long way. When I stepped on one. Yes I AM THAT OLD! I AM THE LAW!

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