This is a list of TV shows, toys, products and other media satirized on the show Arthur.

Original Parody Episode Notes
Ask Jeeves Ask Frank Prunella's Special Edition Prunella logs onto the website to find out where to get the new Henry Screeber book, but receives several completely unrelated search results.
Arthur Arnie the Anteater, Andy and Friends What is that thing?, The Contest Two of the many instances in which the series has parodied itself.
American Idol, Iron Chef American Chef Idol What's Cooking? Celebrity Chef Ming Tsai appears, dressed like American Idol judge Simon Cowell
Beavis and Butthead Peabrain and Nuthead "Buster and the Daredevils" A comic book at a comic store in "Buster and the Daredevils", featuring characters who look and sound like Beavis and Butthead (complete with signature laughs).
Beavis and Butthead a Beavis-like Arthur and a Butthead-like Buster "The Contest" Muffy portrays Arthur and Buster as Beavis- and Butthead-like characters in her contest entry in "The Contest", again complete with signature laughs.
The Magic School Bus Crazy Bus shown in various episodes DW's favourite song.
The Birds The Squirrels "The Squirrels" A cadre of squirrels viciously attack and take over the city.
Barney and Friends, Sesame Street, other educational children's shows that are divided into segments/short skits and include songs Mary Moo Cow various episodes A children's educational series based around a singing cow (actually a woman in a cow suit). The series' opening theme is sung to the tune of "Frere Jacques", and is itself a parody of the Barney theme (which is sung to the tune of "Yankee Doodle"), and the episodes are divided into skits similar to those found on Sesame Street. In early episodes of Arthur, Mary Moo Cow did not speak, in later episodes, she speaks with a high-pitched voice.
Scooby Doo Spooky Poo The Rat Who Came To Dinner An animated show Mr. Ratburn likes. The concept is the same as Scooby Doo, but instead of a dog, it's a kangaroo.
The Sopranos The Altos *Bleep* The introduction features a mafia-style family similar to that in The Sopranos yelling swear words at each other. (The episode centers on curse words, which are bleeped out during the episode.) The title is a play on the music terms soprano and alto.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind,South Park, and The Day the Earth Stood Still The Day the Earth Was Saved The Contest Buster's contest entry in "The Contest" The title is a reference to The Day the Earth Stood Still; the story contains aliens and a spaceship like those in Close Encounters of the Third Kind; and the animation style, voiceover, and character interpretations mimic those of South Park.
Dexter's Laboratory Brain's story The Contest Brain's contest entry in The Contest mimics the animation style, characters, voices, and plot characteristics of Dexter's Laboratory.
Dr. Katz Arthur's Story The Contest Arthur's story for The Contest mimics the animation style, voiceover style, and presentation of Dr. Katz.
Teletubbies Love Ducks That's a Baby Show A series aimed at very young children, which makes use of soothing music and psychedelic imagery. Arthur is mortified when he becomes interested in the show, until he finds out all of this friends like it as well. This is also yet another reference to Arthur itself (which boasts a significant number of viewers older than the target age group).
Teletubbies Vidiboodies The Secret Lives of Dogs and Babies An even more obvious parody of Teletubbies than "Love Ducks". To the older children, the Viviboodies seem to speak in unintelligible gibberish; from the perspective of baby Kate and Arthur's pet dog Pal, they quote Shakespeare.
Teletubbies Silly Squirrels "The Squirrels" Yet another parody of the Teletubbies, with squirrels as the stars in colored jumpsuits (actually people in squirrel costumes). They even end the show by saying "Bye-bye!"
Law and Order Flaw and Order "Flaw and Order" The episode "Flaw and Order" parodies Law & Order (complete with transitions with the "kadonk-donk" sound) while the intro referenced the board game Clue.
A Series of Unfortunate Events Persimmony Glitchet books. "Fern & Persimmony Glitchet" Fern like the author "Persimmony Glitchet", a parody of Lemony Snicket
Harry Potter Henry Screever and the Cabbage of Mayhem, Henry Screever and the Brick of Wonders (movie) "Prunella's Special Edition," "Prunella Sees the Light" Prunella and Marina watch a Henry Screever movie and when they leave the theater, they talk about how terrible it was, likely a reference to how Chris Columbus made Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone lighter than the book is.
Animorphs Vegemorphs Various episodes A similar premise, except the children turn into vegetables instead of animals. (Ironically, a real Vegemorphs books exist, and are parodies of Animorph books as well.)
Goosebumps Scare Your Pants Off Club Books Various episodes A series of scary books that the children like, similar to Goosebumps.
Mystery ! The Intro to the show "Binky Rules/Meet Binky" The parody mimics the opening sequence of the PBS series Mystery, with stylized animation in which the Arthur characters replace the people of the original, and makes use of the actual Mystery theme tune.
Boston Red Sox Elwood City Grebes The Curse of the Grebes Johnny Damon (Playmon), Edgar Renteria (Bateria), and Mike Timlin (Winlin), provide voices for the local baseball team looking for its first championship since 1918. The entire episode closely follows the Red Sox history summed up in one seven game series.
New York Yankees Crown City Kings The Curse of the Grebes The Team and the Elwood City Grebes are big rivals, similar to the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.
Power Rangers Fighting Fluoride Scour Rangers Arthur's Tooth A video presentation on oral hygiene that is based around a spoof of the Power Rangers. The Scour Rangers also fight a big purple dinosaur (actually a man in a suit), which is a parody of Barney the Dinosaur.
Power Rangers Terrific Turbo-Trooper Toy T-Bot Team Attack of the Turbo Tibbles The Tibble twins mimic the violent activities they see when watching this spoof of the Power Rangers.
Bananas in Pajamas Pumpkin in Pants Attack of the Turbo Tibbles One of the shows the Tibbles come across in the episode before they came across Terrific Turbo-Trooper Toy T-Bot Team
The Busy World of Richard Scarry Untitled Attack of the Turbo Tibbles Another show the Tibbles come across in the episode before they came across Terrific Turbo-Trooper Toy T-Bot Team. However, the parody had Huckle as a bat and not a cat. The Tibbles' remark on the show? "too busy", and "not scary".
Pokémon Dokémon Various episodes Several references have been made to a character called "Stinkachu", a parody of the Pokémon character Pikachu.
The Magic School Bus The Magic Tool Box Various episodes The content of this educational television series is different, but the title is an obvious reference.
New York City Crown City Muffy Goes Metropolitan, Tipping the Scales
Oprah Winfrey Hoprah Linseed Three's a Crowd, Don't Ask Muffy At the beginning of the episode, Hoprah Linseed interviews Prunella about what she can and cannot share with her best friend Marina.
Mr. Peanut Dr. Legume Binky Goes Nuts Binky learns he is allergic to peanuts and has a nightmare about Dr. Legume sandwiching him in between two large slices of peanut butter and jelly before being saved by Bionic Bunny.
Lance Armstrong Vance Legstrong Binky vs Binky A famous bike-rider, with a name parodying Lance Armstrong.


  • The episode "The Contest" featured several individual stories that closely mimicked the style of other animated shows that were popular at the time.
  • Two Cinar-produced shows have been spoofed on Arthur : The Busy World of Richard Scarry and Wimzie's House.

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