Parson A. Gotti, (born December 7, 1982 in Indianapolis, Indiana), A.K.A. Lord Hamster, is a human gamer, and author of the webcomic Hamstard. Originally from Earth, he was summoned to Erfworld by Wanda Firebaugh, and was appointed Chief Warlord under Stanley the Tool of the Plaid tribe.



Level: 2
Special: Leadership


Parson is first seen on page 14, where he went through a normal day, then, presumably later that evening, he was discussing marshmallow peeps with one of his, unnamed, friends. Within a few moments, after the arrival of three other friends (two unnamed, one named Ashna), as Parson was introducing them to his game, he was transported to Gobwin Knob; which the board on which his game is set bears a strong resemblance to.

Upon arrival, Parson was "greeted" by Stanley and Wanda; and quickly discovered Erfworld's censorship. After an exchange of questions, and Parson explaining some strategy to Stanley, he was made the official Chief Warlord under Stanley.


  • Parson is named after his grandfather: whether this is his matrilineal or patrilineal grandfather is unknown.
  • Parson's name (sans full middle name) is an anagram of "protagonist".

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