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The Engine Who Saved Sodor Part 10: Trap at the Garbage Dump

Thomas, Percy, Toby, Stanley and Lady find Molly captured by Diesel 10, and they give chase! Meanwhile, Diesel, Arry and Bert are trapped at the garbage yards.

Characters: (in order of appearance)

  • Thomas
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Stanley
  • Lady
  • Alfred
  • Molly
  • Diesel 10
  • Diesel
  • Iron Arry and Bert
  • Emily
  • Danni
  • Whiff
  • Gordon
  • Henry
  • Donald and Douglas
  • Scruff


Narrator: The five tank engines looked across Sodor for Diesel 10, but he was nowhere in sight.

Thomas: I haven't seen Molly in a while. I hope she's okay!

Narrator: As they turned around the corner, they saw Alfred. He was facing away from them, and Molly was right in front of him!

Percy: Oh, no! It's Molly!

Alfred: I have you now! Our first engine to scrap!

Molly: {screaming} HELP ME, SOMEBODY!

Alfred: No one will help you now!

Narrator: Thomas watched as Alfred buffered up to Molly, and pushed her to a large railway yard. Thomas, Percy, Toby, Stanley and Lady followed at Alfred's speed, so they didn't lose him.

{Meanwhile, Alfred as taken Molly to a large railway yard.}

Alfred: ...and so you will be destroyed, and diesels and I will conquer Sodor!

Narrator: Then Alfred saw the five tank engines roll up next to him.

Alfred: Blast! Not you again!

Molly: Thomas! You came to save me!

Narrator: Suddenly, Diesel 10 rolled up by Molly, laughing and snapping his claw shut towards her.

Molly: L-Leave m-me a-a-lone!

Diesel 10: Oh, don't worry, my dear. Once I've destroyed you, I'll leave your remains alone!

Thomas: You heard her, you big brute! Leave her alone!

Narrator: Diesel 10 was surprised when he looked at Thomas, making him a little nervous.

Diesel 10: Well, well, well. If it isn’t the little blue puffball! Long time, no see. Come to try and stop me, have you? Oh, and look! You've brought me the puffball I've been bent on having destroyed for so long! You gullible blue idiot! Did you really think she and you could stop me? You've just made things easier for me. And now, and I'm going to destroy you all!

Alfred: I found them for you! Do I get an award?

Diesel 10: NO! I don't have to reward you, Alfred!

Alfred: {annoyed} But I'm trying to help you destroy steam engines, so we can take over Sodor.

Diesel 10: WE?! There is no "we"! Do you really think I would share ruling Sodor with a Holden B12?! No way! I will rule this island! No one else! I don't need you, pathetic little Alfred! And I will destroy you too! But first- {rolls his eyes to look at Molly} I will destroy- ARRRGGGHHH!!!!

Narrator: The villains didn't know that while they were arguing, Molly had already started reversing up the line. She was almost out of the yard, and onto the lines running through the woodland. But then Diesel 10 raced after her.


Steam Engines (excluding Alfred): {yelling} MOLLY!!!

Narrator: Thomas, Percy, Toby, Stanley and Lady raced away and quickly chased on after Diesel 10.

Alfred: {growls} I'll destroy them and Diesel 10! Then I'll rule Sodor!

Narrator: Meanwhile, Diesel, Arry, and Bert arrived at the garbage yards, where Emily and Danni led them, when their noses picked up a strange aroma.

Diesel: {disgusted} Ugh! What's that horrible pong?!

Narrator: The three Class 08 shunters looked around and saw they were near the garbage dump. A bank of garbage was in the air and the smell was reaching into their nostrils.

Iron Arry: Yuck! Let's get out of here!

Iron Bert: Stop! Look!

Narrator: The others looks towards where Bert was looking and spotted Emily and Danni just beyond the bank of garbage.

Emily: {whispering} Here they are.

Danni: {whispering} They're in our trap.

Iron Arry: Is anyone about?

{They see Whiff the garbage engine in a siding, his eyes closed.}

Iron Bert: He's asleep. Let's get these damsels in distress!

Narrator: Slowly, one behind the other, the Class 08 shunters slowly made their way alongside the bank of garbage towards Emily and Danni. As they did, Whiff opened one eye, saw them moving quietly, opened his other eye and...

Whiff: NOW!

{Diesel, Arry, and Bert yell with fright.}

Narrator: Suddenly, to their surprise, Gordon, Henry, and Donald charged out of the shadows. Gordon banged into Bert and pushed him onto the bank of garbage.

Gordon: This is for delaying my express!

Narrator: Henry did the same to Diesel...

Henry: This is for nearly destroying Sodor!

Narrator: Donald did to Arry.

Donald: This will teach ye to mess with Scotland!

Narrator: The three Class 08 shunters were now stuck on the bank of garbage.

Iron Arry: {angrily} Hey! Let us off!

Emily: {smirking} Oh, don't worry. You'll be let off.

Danni: Once Sir Topham Hatt comes to scrap you three!

Narrator: At that moment, Douglas appeared into view, pushing garbage trucks. He pushed the garbage trucks beside Whiff.

Douglas: Keep an aye on them, will ye, Whiff?

Whiff: {chuckling} With pleasure.

{Diesel, Arry, and Bert groan in disgust at the smell of Whiff.}

Diesel: Don't think you've won though! You may have caught us - but Diesel 10 is still out there and no engine can stop him.

Henry: Says you!

Donald: Come on, lads. Let's go to fetch Rocky straight here.

Narrator: With that, the six steam engines headed away from the garbage dump, leaving behind Whiff and the three Class 08 shunters.

Iron Arry: Ugh! Why did we have to be pushed onto a pile of garbage? Horrible stuff!

Whiff: Oh, I dunno, I think it's good stuff. Why not 'ave some?

Narrator: With that, he coupled up to one of the garbage trucks, and shunted it into Arry, covering him in garbage.

Iron Arry: Ugh! Disgusting! I'm all dirty and smelly! I need a wash.

Narrator: Just then, Scruff came by with a tank car of water, and bumped it into Arry.

Iron Arry: Argh! This isn't what I had in mind!

Narrator: Whiff and Scruff laughed. And so did Diesel and Bert, despite being caught.

{Meanwhile, Diesel 10 is chasing Molly, with Thomas, Percy, Toby, Stanley, and Lady chasing Diesel 10, with Alfred behind them.}

Alfred: I’ll see if I can destroy them and Diesel 10. Then I will rule Sodor, and my class will take over! Or me.

Narrator: Thomas quickly drew level with Diesel 10. Molly was reversing quickly in front of them, a wide moving gap between her and Diesel 10.

Molly: Help meeeeeeeeeee!

Thomas: Keep running, Molly! You have to-

Diesel 10: {angrily} ENOUGH OF YOU, PUFFBALL!

Narrator: Diesel 10 quickly turned his claw towards Thomas, and made a grab for him - but Thomas quickly drew in front of the diesel – the claw only just missing him. Now with Thomas only just in front of him, Diesel 10 was very angry.


Lady: {drawing level with Diesel 10} You won't catch them! And you won’t destroy us! We’ll-

{Diesel 10 swings his claw around and hits it onto Lady's side. She tilts over and lands on the side of her boiler beside the line. Thomas slams on his brakes, Diesel 10 races past him, and Thomas backs up to Lady.}

Thomas: Oh, no, Lady!

Stanley: Are you all right?!

Lady: Don’t worry about me, Thomas. Stop Diesel 10! Save Molly! Save Sodor!

Percy: I'll stay here with Lady.

Thomas: Why, Percy?

Percy: Perhaps-per-per-perhaps one of the other plans failed, and if we leave Lady here, Arry or Bert or Diesel of Splatter or Dodge or all of them might come to destroy her.

Lady: Thank you. I never thought of that.

Narrator: Then suddenly, Thomas heard a whistle behind him. Knowing it was Alfred coming up fast, he shot off down the line and chased after Diesel 10, his pistons pumping harder than ever, and with Stanley and Toby behind him.

Stanley: Wait for us!

Narrator: Thomas could see up ahead that the line Diesel 10 and Molly were on joined his. Thomas watched as Molly switched onto his line, and then Diesel 10. Now with the diesel right in front of him, he couldn't see Molly. Thomas crossed the points as the very confused signalman quickly switched the points so he could go along the line safely. All Thomas could do was follow Diesel 10 and hope to stop him somehow. Then suddenly, Diesel 10 screeched to a halt.

Thomas: {taken by surprise} What-? {bumps into Diesel 10} Ack!

Narrator: What Thomas couldn’t see was that Diesel 10 had chased Molly towards two sidings. Molly was in one of them, right up at the buffers. The ends of the sidings were right on the edge of a cliff, below which was a large ravine.

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