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The Engine WHo Saved Sodor Part 11: The Last Clash

Diesel 10 nearly destroys Molly, but Thomas pushes him over the cliff, saving Molly and the rest of Sodor. But Thomas falls victim to the cliff thanks to Alfred - who also falls too. What is the fate of our blue steam-powered hero? Is this the end for Thomas the Tank Engine?

Characters: (in order of appearance)

  • Diesel 10
  • Molly
  • Thomas
  • Stanley
  • Toby
  • Alfred
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Harold
  • Mavis
  • Boco
  • Eagle
  • Dennis
  • James
  • Duck


Diesel 10: Not so fast, little blue puffball, I shall destroy the yellow, and her class will now become extinct!

Narrator: Diesel 10 revved up his engine, raised his claw, and snapped it open and shut, his eyes fixed on Molly, not taking notice of anything else around him. Molly shut her eyes in fright, awaiting her doom. Then, all of a sudden, as Diesel 10 darted across the points, he suddenly diverted into the other siding. With a cry of surprise, he slammed on his brakes, but it was too late. With a mighty crunch, he crashed through the buffers. His front end dangled dangerously over the edge of the cliff.

Diesel 10: {panicked} Oh, no! I'm going to fall!

Thomas: This is the end of the road, Diesel 10!

Narrator: With a loud angry whistle, Thomas charged quickly forward, crossed the points, steamed up to the back of Diesel 10, and then - timing his braking just right – pushed Diesel 10 off the edge of the cliff.

Diesel 10: {screams} NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Narrator: A loud scream escaped from the evil diesel, as he fell down toward the ravine. Then suddenly, his scream was cut short by a tremendous smashing sound as he hit the ravine hard. The sound of bit and pieces breaking and flying followed, and then the loud noise died down to silence.

Thomas: I did it! I stopped Diesel 10!

Toby: Well done, Thomas!

Stanley: You're our number one!

Thomas: Have that, you dastardly diesel, and you too, Alfred! Maybe now, you’ll think twice of destroying steam engines when I’m around! So now you can’t- {voice trails off}

Narrator: There was a sudden blast of a whistle. Alfred came charging into the sidings and was coming up behind him.

Alfred: Well, goodbye, Thomas, and thanks for ruining my plans once again!

Molly: Thomas! Look out!

Narrator: But it was too late. Alfred rammed into the back of Thomas, and shunted him off the edge of the cliff – but then Alfred rolled too far and fell off the cliff also. The others screamed nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

Narrator: But their screams were barely audible compared to the screams that came from Thomas and Alfred as they fell. Then, came the loud smashing sounds of them hitting the ravine with a loud crash, and then, there was complete silence. Though the silence seemed like an eternity to Molly, due to the shock she was in, it was broken after a few seconds as someone cried out.

Sir Topham Hatt: Oh my goodness!

Molly: {looks at the points to see Sir Topham Hatt} Sir? Where did you come from?

Sir Topham Hatt: I landed here just now with Harold. {He points to the left side of where they are, where Harold is standing on a helipad. Molly sees that Harold is in shock too.} We saw you coming. We watched as Diesel 10 chased you into the sidings. Did you not see me?

Molly: I was too scared to notice you, sorry, Sir.

Sir Topham Hatt: Don't apologize. I expect you were. Thomas seemed very scared too; scared of what Diesel 10 was planning to do to you. And it seemed Diesel 10 was too fixed on you to notice me. So while he was bracing himself to destroy you, I ran over to the points and switched them so they led to the other siding.

Molly: So you saved me?

Sir Topham Hatt: Correction; Thomas saved you - and the rest of Sodor. {sighs} But as we saw just now, Alfred the Holden B12 pushed Thomas of the cliff - and also fell off himself. It's my fault.

Toby: No, Sir! It was Alfred who pushed Thomas off the cliff! You were making sure Diesel 10 didn't destroy Molly.

Sir Topham Hatt: {sighs} Maybe. But now is not the time to dwell on it! I'd better go and call for a rescue team, to bring Thomas back to the rails. We'll have to bring the villains back too, but I'll be sending Diesel 10 away. And if we can repair Alfred, once we have, he's going back to the Mainland.

Narrator: Sir Topham Hatt turned and started to walk towards Harold, but Molly stopped him as she called after him.

Molly: Sir? you think...Thomas is okay?

Sir Topham Hatt: {turns back, looking grave} I'm afraid I couldn't answer that right now Molly. I can't judge the damage Thomas took after that fall. We'll see if he's okay after we've salvaged him, and then see if he can be fixed.

Narrator: Sir Topham Hatt then boarded Harold, who then can out of his shock. As his blades started to whir, he smiled at the yellow Claud Hamilton.

Harold: Don't worry, Molly. Thomas has had plenty of accidents before. And he's always been fixed and running again after them. {Still smiling, he takes off to the skies.}

Molly: {sadly} Maybe... But none of Thomas' accidents has been him falling off a cliff. He's had accidents which he's survived. And even if he's survived this one, he might not even be able to fix.

Narrator: One hour later, Molly watched as a large crane was now standing by the cliffs, it's base in the ravine. Some flood lights had been brought to light up the place. The crane was now lifting something from the ravine. As it did, Boco and Mavis reversed into the siding which Thomas, Alfred and Diesel 10 had fallen off the end of, a flatbed coupled behind Boco. They stopped when the flatbed was on the edge of the siding, standing next to Molly.

Boco: Are you alright, Molly?

Molly: {sniffles} No.

Narrator: At that moment, the crane lifted it's first salvaged load above them. As they were facing away from it, the three couldn't see what it was. But when the crane placed the load on the flatbed, Molly saw what it was. It was Diesel 10. But he looked more startling than ever. His paint was completely scratched all over, making him an ugly grey. His claw had completely come off, making him without his weapon. His windows had also been smashed. His eyes were closed. He started to grunt, much to Molly's fright.

Diesel 10: I....can'!! {His eyes suddenly jerk open. Molly gasps with fright. The diesel's eyes turn to look at her and he snarls.} But I'll be back! I'll come back and destroy you puffballs! You haven't heard the last of me!

Mavis: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on.

Boco: You won't be seeing another steam engine again after tonight.

Narrator: A short while after Boco and Edward left with Diesel 10, Eagle and Dennis reversed into the siding where the engines had fallen off the end of, also with a flatbed coupled behind them. The crane was now lifting it's second load.

Eagle: Diesel 10 won't be bothering anymore steam engines now. What do you think to that Molly?

Molly: He would have destroyed me if it wasn't for Thomas.

Dennis: I'm sorry for Thomas, Molly.

Narrator: The crane unloaded it's second salvaged load. It was Alfred. His apple green paint had been scratched and his front end was dented badly. He had broken a side rod and lost some of his wheels.

Alfred: {eyes slowly open} What...happened? Did I...destroy...Thomas?

Eagle: Come on, Alfred, we're going to see if you can be repaired. And if you can be, then once you are, you're going back to the Mainland.

Narrator: Eagle and Dennis left with Alfred on the flatbed, and headed towards the works. Shortly afterwards, Molly was still in the sidings, when this time, James and Duck backed into the siding next to her. Duck was coupled behind James, and he had a flatbed coupled behind him. Molly knew who this flatbed was for.

James: We heard about what happened to Thomas, Molly.

Duck: I hope he's okay.

James: We should be really be happy, because he saved Sodor.

Duck: But we can't be, because though Sodor is okay, Thomas may not be.

Narrator: Molly said nothing. She was every lost in thought. Just then, the crane unloaded it's last load, and when Molly saw it, she was horrified. It was Thomas. But he didn't looked liked Thomas. The side of his boiler had been ripped into, creating a hole; his dome was cracked; one of his wheels was bent; his cab roof was dented; his lamp and whistle were smashed. Most of all, his blue was badly scratched.

Molly: {tearfully} Thomas? Are you okay?

Narrator: At that moment, the almost destroyed tank engine opened his eyes. He looked at Molly and smiled.

Thomas: Hey. Is everything okay?

Molly: {sadly} Not really. Look at you Thomas! You could have been destroyed.

Thomas: I couldn't let Diesel 10 do that to you, Molly. To none of my friends, for that matter.

James: We're going to take you to the Steamworks now.

Stanley: We sure hope you can be fixed.

Molly: Please be okay, Thomas.

Thomas: I will. Don't worry - I'll be fine.

Narrator: Then they watched as James and Duck pulled Thomas away.

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