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Characters (in of appearance)

  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Harold
  • Henry
  • Lord
  • Diesel


Narrator: The next morning, Sir Topham Hatt was ready to leave.

Sir Topham Hatt: Harold should be here soon. Before I go, Thomas and Edward, you have to pull a train to Brendam.

Thomas and Edward: Yes, sir!

Narrator: Just then, Harold landed.

H''''arold: Hello, old chaps!

Henry: Hello Harold.

Narrator: Then Sir Topham Hatt got on and left. Then Thomas and Edward went to fetch their train. Then, a blur of black sped past them. They were so startled, they nearly jumped of the rails. They passed a signalbox. The points were broken! They began heading down an old branch line. They crashed into a shed.

Thomas: I didn't see that coming!

Old Engine: Hello?

Edward: Who-who was that?

Thomas: There are no engine on this line!

Old Engine: Thomas! Edward! I haven't seen you in years!

Thomas and Edward: Lord?!

Lord: Yes! It's me!

Narrator: But they didn't know that Diesel was listening to them!

Diesel: I know someone who would like to know this!


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