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The Engine Who Saved Sodor Part 2: The Good, the Bad, and the Alfred

Alfred and Diesel 10 debut in this part of the movie. Meanwhile, we meet with two good diesels Mavis and Daisy.

Characters: (in order of appearance)

  • Thomas
  • Annie and Clarabel
  • Spencer
  • Donald and Douglas
  • Percy
  • Molly
  • Toby
  • James
  • Gordon
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Lady Hatt
  • Alfred
  • Diesel 10
  • Harold
  • Stanley
  • Mavis
  • Daisy
  • Edward


Narrator: Next morning, Thomas left Tidmouth Sheds, collected Annie and Clarabel from the coach yard, and made his way to Knapford station.

Thomas: We have a very important job today. We have to take Sir Topham Hatt to Dryaw.

Annie, Bertha, and Clarabel: Ooh!

Annie: What for, Thomas?

Thomas: He's leaving Sodor for a while.

Clarabel: {worried} Leaving for a while? Whatever for?

Bertha: And who will look after us while he is away?

Thomas: {confident} He's going to help the head of the railway of England, who has a problem with his engines. A friend of his will look after us while he is away. So there's no need to worry.

Narrator: But Annie, Bertha, and Clarabel were worried. They didn't like the sound of the head of the railway leaving them for a while. Whenever Sir Topham Hatt was around, they always felt safe. Somehow, they didn’t think they would be if he was away, even if it was only temporary. Soon, Thomas puffed into Knapford Station. A silver A4 named Spencer was one parked by the next platform on Thomas' left. He was pulling the express, which consisted of three coaches, painted in brown with yellow stripe. Two black six-coupled tender engines with numbers "9" and "10" on their tenders, named Donald and Douglas, along with Percy, Molly, Toby, James and Gordon were at Knapford too.

Donald: Och, we've been called here for what reason?

Douglas: Apparently Sir Topham Hatt's leaving us for a while.

Thomas: Where's Sir Topham Hatt? I can’t see him anywhere.

Spencer: Huh! He always complains when we're late, and yet, he isn't here for his train!

Narrator: Just then, Sir Topham Hatt emerged from his office, followed by a lady, with long brown hair, dressed in a blue blouse and yellow hat.

Sir Topham Hatt: Now, before I go now, I want you to meet two new engines to help for the summer. Here they come right now.

{A whistle of a Holden B12 and horn of a Class 42 is heard in the distance.}

Narrator: {as the engines approach} In the distance, the new engines appeared. One of them looked like Molly, except he was green and had six drive wheels, the number "3" on his cab side and the letters "LNER" on his tender sides. The other was a diesel with a ochre-colored paint and a claw on top of it's roof.

{The engines stop in front of Donald and Douglas.}

Sir Topham Hatt: {pointing to green engine} Here is Alfred. He was made by the old Railway in Stratford, Britain.

Thomas: Hello, Alfred, and welcome to the railway. I hope you enjoy your visit.

Alfred: Thank you very much.

Sir Topham Hatt: {pointing to the diesel} And, this is Diesel 10. He was built by the engineers at Swindon Works, as an experiment. He will work on the mainline during his stay, and I expect you will all make him and Alfred feel quite welcome.

Engines: Yes sir.

Gordon: Sir, not to be rude, but what is-

Sir Topham Hatt: Oh, yes, the claw. That is part of the experiment I mentioned. No other engine has been built with one like it before, you see. As for it's uses, it can be used to clear the lines of blockages quickly without summoning the breakdown train.

Lady Hatt: Okay, Topham. See you in a few days. Your train's leaving without you soon!

Sir Topham Hatt: Uh, yes dear! {runs to station platform}

Narrator: He then boarded Annie. The rest of the passengers boarded the three coaches, and the guard then blew his whistle.

Thomas: {whistles} Peep! Peep! Goodbye!

{Thomas puffs away happily}

Spencer: I think I should have been chosen to take Sir Topham Hatt. I’d get him to England much faster than Thomas and Harold.

Narrator: After a lot of traveling on his branch line, Thomas arrived at Dryaw; a small station parked near an airfield. He slowed to a stop. The passengers got out of the coaches and onto the platform. Including Sir Topham Hatt, who then went up to Thomas.

Sir Topham Hatt: Thank you for taking me here, Thomas. Now, be good while I’m away, and prove to me that even when I'm not on Sodor, you can still be a really useful engine!

Thomas: Don't worry! I will, Sir!

Sir Topham Hatt: That’s a good engine. Well, I’ll see you in a few days. Goodbye.

Narrator: With that, Sir Topham Hatt left the platform, and went to the airfield, where a helicopter was standing, which he boarded. The helicopter was painted white with red lining. On its sides, painted in red, was the name "Harold."

Harold: Hello, Thomas, old chap! I heard Sir Topham Hatt's gone away for a little while.

Thomas: {confidently} We'll manage, Harold. His friend is looking after us. So I must prove to be a really useful engine, even while he is away.

{Harold's blades start to turn.}

Harold: I must be off now, old chap!

Narrator: And Harold, took off into the sky. Behind his windows, Sir Topham Hatt looked down at Thomas, and waved. Thomas watched as Harold disappeared into the sky.

Thomas: Goodbye, Sir.

{Thomas puffs away}

Narrator: Later, Thomas was backing into the yard, next to another tank engine, painted white with a gray smokebox, red wheels and lining, and a nameplate reading "Stanley" on each side of his boiler.

Thomas: Hello Stanley. How are things?

Stanley: Hello, Thomas. Not much to say really. Only I'm keeping busy this summer.

Thomas: Not tiring you out, is it Stanley?

Stanley: Not at all, Thomas. You know how much I don't mind the extra work.

Thomas: Sir Topham Hatt's left for England for a while. His friend's got a problem with his own engines. Diesel will probably see this chance to give us engines more trouble. It will be quite a bother.

Stanley: {sighs} I expect he’ll give me trouble too, I'm a steam engine too. Why must the diesels hate us steam engines?

Thomas: Well, not all diesels are bad. We have some good friends who are diesels.

Stanley: Oh, yes, we do. Just like Boco and-

Mavis: Hello there!

Narrator: Just then, a black diesel with sideplates and yellow hazard stripes showed up pulling quarry trucks. She stopped by Thomas and Stanley, looking pleased to see them.

Thomas: Oh, hello, Mavis.

Stanley: I was just talking about you. I was just saying how you’re a good diesel, who's a good friend to us.

Mavis: That’s very kind of you to say such a nice thing about me.

Thomas: That's because it's true. You and BoCo don't grudge steam engines. So we don't grudge you back.

Mavis: Well, there is one steam engine does; James. I remember him calling BoCo a "Buzz-box, diesel."

Thomas: {unable to not laugh} And we all know what happens after that, don't we? An incident which once involved a bee, it's sting and a sore nose for James.

Narrator: Then Thomas, Stanley and Mavis began laughing.

Stanley: I’d better be on my way. Lots of shunting to do.

Mavis: Yes, I’d better get on with delivering these trucks. Goodbye, Thomas. Goodbye, Stanley.

Thomas: Goodbye, you two.

Narrator: Thomas watched as the friendly black diesel and white tank engine went on their way. Meanwhile, James had been waiting with the express at Elsbridge Station. It is called the Wild Nor'Wester, and it is full of people from England, Wales, and Scotland. He was arguing with a green diesel railcar with her front and rear ends painted green, including her face.

Daisy: James, it's my job to take passengers.

James: I take passengers too, instead of a dirty diesel!

Daisy: Look, you red fool! I should be leaving by now if you didn't decide to pick an argument with me!

Edward: That is enough, you two!

Narrator: Edward came by pulling stone trucks to Brendam Docks.

Edward: What is going on here?

Daisy: I'm trying to leave, but that red engine insists that I should be on the other railway!

James: She's a diesel! We know how bad diesels are!

Edward: James, Daisy may be a diesel, but she's a good one too!

James: Friend?! After the insults she's spent the past ten minutes giving me?!

Daisy: Well, you said some rude things to me too!

Edward: That's enough you two. James, do you have passengers to take, or are you standing here being lazy?

James: Oh, you're right! {steams away quickly}

Daisy: {laughing} That will teach him!

Edward: You too, Daisy.

Narrator: Daisy continued her journey, but she was still angry with James.

Daisy: He thinks I'm bad, just because I'm a diesel. Sure, I'm a diesel. But it's not like I have a grudge against steam engines, like Diesel.

To Be Continued

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