Part 4: Way Back When

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The Engine Who Saved Sodor Part 4: Way Back When

Alfred and Diesel 10 destroy Knapford Station, almost taking Edward with it. Alfred destroys Cecil, and we meet Lady, the Goddess of the Railway.

Characters: (in order of appearance)

  • Edward
  • Diesel 10
  • Alfred
  • Thomas
  • Boco
  • Molly
  • Rocky
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Henrietta and Victoria (do not speak)
  • Cecil
  • Stanley
  • Lady


  • Gordon
  • Henry
  • James
  • Spencer
  • Duck
  • Oliver
  • Bill and Ben


{Cut to next morning. Edward is pulling a goods train to Knapford Station.}

Narrator: Next morning, Edward was taking a goods train to Knapford. What he didn't know, was that Alfred and Diesel 10 were planning their next scheme to destroy Sodor.

Diesel 10: Heh heh heh heh heh! When the old puffball comes by, the bomb will blow him up!

Alfred: Here he comes now. Hide!

{Alfred and Diesel 10 hide behind the station. Meanwhile, Thomas is looking for Edward.}

Narrator: Thomas knew things didn't add up. He went to the nearest station, and Boco, fortunately, was there.

Thomas: Boco, have you seen Edward?

{Edward approaches Knapford Station.}

Boco: Edward, I heard he's on his way to Knapford.

{Alfred and Diesel 10 back away from Knapford.}

Thomas: Oh, no! {puffs away}

Narrator: Thomas rushed away, much to Boco's surprise.

Boco: Thomas, where are you going?

Narrator: But as soon as he shouted it, Thomas was already out of earshot.

{Thomas approaches Knapford Station. Edward is going past the station.}

Thomas: Edward!

{Edward barely leaves the station, and then there's an explosion. Pitch black.}

Thomas: {off-screen} Noooo! No, God no!

{Thomas puffs to Knapford Station's remains. Edward is lying on his side, the trucks are in a mess, and Knapford Station blown up.}

Thomas: Edward, are you all right?

{Edward's eyes slowly open.}

Narrator: Edward was badly damaged. His body was scratched up badly, and his smokestack was bent down. His cab was severely damaged and his fire had gone out.

Edward: Wh... what h... happ... ened...?

Thomas: {to self} Thank goodness you're okay.

Narrator: Soon, Molly came by with Rocky the crane, along with Toby and Percy.

Rocky: Grinding gears! What happened to Edward?

Thomas: Knapford Station's been destroyed. Our number two is in a wreck.

Molly: Toby took Mr. Matthews to the hospital. Fortunately he'll live.

Percy: I took his car to the scrapyards, as it's beyond repair.

Rocky: Okay, Edward, we're taking you to the works now.

Narrator: Rocky lifted Edward onto a flatbed, and Molly took Edward to Crovan's Gate for repairs. Thomas thought about the explosion and what Percy and Molly had said to him for the rest of the day.

{Meanwhile, Alfred is puffing slowly on another part of the Island. He stops alongside an engine named Cecil.}

Cecil: You do know these stupid attempts may well have put our funnels under the guillotine!

Alfred: You ordered it, Cecil.

Cecil: I never once did say you going and destroy god-#$%! stations! You killed nearly twenty people from what I heard! You have been too cold-hearted. You kill innocent people, exactly the opposite of what I expected from you. You will be dealt with. You will be followed wherever you go. And any attempt of destroying anyone else will be the end of you.

Narrator: Alfred sneered at Cecil, and puffed away, to prepare his next scheme.

{Cut to Thomas pulling Annie and Clarabel to Elsbridge Station. He stops by Stanley, Percy, Toby and Molly, all in shock. We see why: Cecil's remains and fire trucks.}

Thomas: Oh, no, not Cecil!

Molly: Who's doing all this damage to Sodor?

Percy: It might be Diesel 10 and Alfred.

Toby: That's possible.

Thomas: Hmm.

{Thomas looks at Stanley. A thought bubble appears over him. His first thought is Diesel 10 and Alfred arriving.}

Alfred: Thank you very much.

{His second thought is Mr. Matthews' car, wrecked.}

{His third thought is the Tidmouth Sheds assault.}

Diesel 10: Hello, puffballs!

Alfred: We got a plan, and you're not in it!

{His fourth thought is the Knapford Station explosion.}

{Edward pulls a goods train out of Knapford, and then the explosion.}

{His final thought is Cecil. Thomas looks up.}

Stanley: What are you looking at?

{The thought bubble disappears.}

Thomas: {excited} I got it! It is Diesel 10 and Alfred trying to destroy us!

Stanley: Why are you smiling, Thomas? It's bad.

Thomas: No, see, I had to put the clues together. Toby, you took Mr. Matthews to the hospital, and Percy took his car to the scrapyards. Diesel 10 assaulted us last night, a bomb was placed underneath Knapford, and Alfred's destroyed Cecil so he wouldn't get into trouble!

Molly: Thomas! You're a genius! {frowns} But we need more information.

Thomas: Then Stanley and I know of this engine called Lady!

Percy, Toby, and Molly: {shocked} Lady?

Stanley: She worked with me, Thomas and Edward during Sodor's first twenty-five years! We'll show you!

{Thomas, Percy, Stanley, Toby and Molly puff away.}

Narrator: And so, Thomas and Stanley took Percy, Toby, and Molly to an old line of Sodor. They reached a station. To Percy, it looked like a ghost railway, no trains and no passengers. This made Percy worried.

Percy: Thomas, I'm scared! Can't we go back?

Thomas: Not until Stanley and I show you three a friend of ours.

Narrator: The engines reached an abandoned shed.

A voice: Hello?

Narrator: Percy gasped.

Percy: The voice came from the shed. But there's no trains on this line.

Narrator: Suddenly, the doors creaked open. And what went out into the open was a purple and gold tank engine. Percy felt scared, then the engine smiled. It was a little, frightened smile, but it made the engine look friendly, making Percy less scared.

Thomas: Hello, Lady. It's been years.

Lady: Hello, Thomas old friend. You too, Stanley.

Stanley: Hello, Lady.

Thomas: Lady, these are my friends, Percy, Toby, and Molly.

Percy: {nervously} H-H-Hello.

Molly: Why are you here? Where have you been?

Lady: That's a long story. Do you like stories?

Percy: Yes. The little engines tell us stories all the time.

Lady: Then, I hope you will like mine. I came to Sodor a long time ago. I was one of the first steam engines on Sodor.

{Shows a flashback of Thomas, Edward, Stanley, and Lady working on the Sodor Line}

Lady: {narrating} I arrived in the 1920's, with Thomas and Edward. Stanley arrived in the next decade. When I arrived, it didn't look at all like home.

Molly: {voice-over} What was Sodor like then?

Lady: {narrating} It was very quiet. I was one of the few engines on Sodor. They called me "Goddess of the Railway" here. I was very happy.

Percy: {voice-over} What happened to you?

Lady: {narrating} {sighs sadly} The railway was sold in 1946. Stanley and I were withdrawn from service, and when Stanley was rescued from scrap, I was all alone, with no one to talk to.

{Cut back to present day.}

Lady: I'm sure I'll never be useful again.

Molly: We've got a problem right now - Diesel 10 and Alfred are destroying Sodor, and want to destroy you.

Lady: Oh, no! I must be kept out of harm's way.

Narrator: Percy, Toby, and Molly looked at their sad, new friend. They felt sorry for Lady.

Thomas: Don't worry, Lady. Sir Topham Hatt knows of you. He wouldn't scrap any useful steam engine. We will help you become "Goddess of the Railway" again!

Narrator: Lady smiled the biggest smile she had smiled in a long time.

Lady: Thank you. Thank you for looking after me.

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