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The Evil Plan Of Diesel 11 Part 5: The Great Lot Of Diesel Strikes

The diesels continue their attacks on Sodor and Thomas tries to continue fixing Lord.

Characters: (in order of appearance)

  • Diesel 12
  • Skarloey
  • Arry
  • Bert
  • Diesel 10
  • Diesel 11
  • Marty
  • Gordon
  • Thomas
  • Victor
  • Kevin
  • Edward
  • Rocky
  • Lord


Narrator: Diesel 12 was rolling along. He didn't see any steam engines all day.

Diesel 12: For a steamie railway, there aren't that many steamies.

Narrator: Then, he saw Skarloey passing under a shed.

Diesel 12: Hmmm... Should I pull down a pillar, the whole shed will fall.

Narrator: And then he pulled a pillar, but he was too late. Skarloey had run away.

Diesel 12: Grrrr....

Narrator: Then Arry and Bert came.

Arry: You should try a different steamie.

Bert: At the right place and time.

Narrator: On another part of the island, Diesel 10 was grumbling.

Diesel 10: Diesel 11 should not be boss. I am rightful boss.

Narrator: Diesel 11 came.

Diesel 11: 10! We need to find the purple puffball.

Diesel 10: I know that. But we don't know where. Let's just destroy other steamies.

Diesel 11: {grumpily} Fine. Let's go.

Narrator: Then they passed Marty pulling freight.

Diesel 10: A steamie!

Diesel 11: We roll up on both sides and give chase.

Narrator: But Marty saw them. He ran away.


Narrator: Marty passed a junction. The signalman sent Marty on one line and the diesels on the other.

Diesel 11: Curses!

Narrator: Then Gordon's Express came up behind them. Gordon went so fast, he knoched them on their sides.

Gordon: Hooray!

Narrator: Meanwhile, Thomas was getting parts to restore Lord. He went to the Steamworks.

Thomas: I must help Lord! I must help Lord! Hello, Victor.

{Thomas eyes an old tender}

Thomas: Say, do you need that tender?

Victor: No, why?

Thomas: Could I borrow it? And that boiler? And those wheels?

Victor: {puzzled} They are Gordon's old ones. But okay.

Thomas: Thank you. Bye.

Narrator: Then he went to find Edward.

Thomas: Edward, bring Rocky and workmen to where Lord is.

Edward: Okay.

Narrator: Then they left. Soon they arrived.

Lord: Hello. Why are you here?

Thomas: We brought parts to fix you.

Lord: Thank you.

Narrator: Soon, they began work. Rocky took out Lord's old boiler and put in Gordon's old one. Then they took out his wheels and put Gordons old one. Then they took his tneder and put it in another shed and coupled him up to Gordon's old LNER eight-wheel tender.

Lord: Thank you. I feel very good now.

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