Part 6: Dennis' Brave Plan

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The Evil Plan Of Diesel 11 Part 6: Dennis' Brave Plan

Diesel 12 spies on Percy and Stanley. Dennis takes down Diesel 10, Diesel 11, Diesel 12, Smelter, Splatter and Dodge with a horn and a joke!

Characters: (in order of appearance)

  • Percy
  • Stanley
  • Diesel 12
  • Dennis
  • Diesel 11
  • Diesel 10
  • Splatter and Dodge
  • Smelter
  • Thomas
  • Annie and Clarabel
  • Emily
  • Martha and Jennifer
  • Gordon
  • Toby
  • Henrietta and Victoria
  • James
  • Donald and Douglas
  • Molly
  • Marty


Narrator: Later that night, Percy was delivering the mail.

{Percy puffs through the night pulling the mail and stops at Knapford Station next to Stanley. Diesel 12 snickers in a nearby shed.}

Diesel 12: {cackles evilly}

Percy: Stanley, I was thinking.

Stanley: About what?

Percy: If Lady is Goddess of the Railway, and Lord is the "God of the Railway", then he too, must be the source of keeping Sodor alive!

{Diesel 12 leaves his shed slowly and quietly.}

Stanley: Lord is the source of Sodor! Percy, you are very clever. Oh, my wheels are suddenly getting very wobbly. I think an evil diesel is near!

{Eagle stops next to Stanley and Percy.}

Dennis: I'm sorry, you two. Diesel 12 heard everything you said. I'm going after him to see what he does next. You'd better carry on and get the mail delivered.

Percy: You're very brave, Dennis.

Dennis: Diesel 11 won't bother with an old engine like me. He thinks I'm really useless.

{Diesel 11 is running through the scrap yard.}

Diesel 11: {singing} I’ve been working on the railway, all the livelong day. {laugh; spoken} Who wants to do that anyway?

{Eagle hides behind a pile of scrap.}

Dennis: There they are.

Diesel 12: Come in! Come in and join the party, Splodge!

Dodge: Hooray! We’re gonna have a party.

Splatter: I love parties.

Dodge: Who’s got the balloons?

Dennis: What are they talking about?

Smelter: Correction - join the party that’s over. Just like Sodor's steam engines are over. Gone - like the source of the railway!

Splatter: What are you gonna do?

Dodge: That's a good question.

Diesel 12: It's time for change of plan: We'll destroy the source of the railway, and then destroy the other steam engines!

Diesel 11: This is a job for the boss! {Diesel 11 snaps his claw in excitement.}

Dennis: I've got to delay them. I've got to distract them! Hmm! Hmmm!

{Dennis blows his horn loudly.}

Diesel 11: It’s diesel! Let's recruit him!

Diesel 10: Don't bother. {Diesel 10 yawns} It's the goodie-six wheels.

{Diesel 11 makes his claw accidentally push one of the supports of the shed and it collapse on the villains. Diesel 11's claw breaks through the roof.}

Diesel 10: Pinchy, come back here! Don't make me come up there. You know I hate it when you do that!

Dennis: {goes away in triumph} Good show!

Splatter: Boss, did you mean to let the roof fall in?

Dodge: All the way in?

Diesel 11: I always mean what I do, you oil bowls!

Diesel 10: I am BOSS!!!

Diesel: Excuse me, but wasn't that already our plan. Destroy the source of the railway.

{Cut to a sunset; Thomas with Annie and Clarabel, and Emily with Martha and Jennifer pass each other by a windmill.}

Narrator: Diesel 11 was in a dump but the steam engines were happy and doing well.

{Really Useful Engine plays}

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