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The Engine Who Saved Sodor Part 7: The Dream

Molly delivers Welsh coal for Henry, then gets assaulted by Diesel 10 and Alfred, but escapes. Alfred gets covered in oil, and the engines laugh at him. Then Molly has a horrible nightmare.

Characters: (in order of appearance)

  • Molly
  • Henry
  • Alfred
  • Diesel 10
  • Gordon
  • Eagle
  • James
  • Splatter and Dodge
  • Danni
  • Emily
  • Diesel
  • Iron Arry and Bert
  • Thomas
  • Machine


{Molly is puffing backwards and passes Henry who is looking sad.}

Molly: Morning, Henry. What's the matter?

Henry: I got boiler ache.

Molly: Don’t worry, I'll collect one, two, three, four, five, six trucks of special Welsh coal for you.

Henry: Thank you, Molly. Special coal could fix that. I owe you one.

Molly: But I wish I could fix the problem of Lady being the source of Sodor.

{Molly still goes backwards and bumps the coal trucks, and puffs away.}

{Near the viaduct, Molly is puffing along and Alfred follows her.}


Molly: Oh, no! Alfred!

Alfred: Remember me? Oh, and Thomas didn't come with you. Bad luck for you! Hahahaha!

{Diesel 10 oils up and stops next to Molly, and adjusts his claw next to Molly, to tip her over the viaduct.}

Diesel 10: Okay, puffball. First off, what do you know about the magic engine?

Molly: {thinking} Oh no, my nightmare is coming true!

Diesel 10: Second, I know about the magic engine. So when I find her, you and all those other puffballs will be history. Tell me where she is now!

Molly: Never!

Diesel 10: Five... {Molly thinks of a plan} four... three... {Molly blows steam} two...

Molly: Too late, Diesel 10!

Diesel 10: {blinded by the steam} Noooooooooooooo!!

{Molly puffs away fast, and into a shed.}

Molly: That was close! I'll stay here for the while.

{Cut to Brendam Docks. Gordon is pulling the express. Eagle is taking fruits and vegetables, and James is shunting oil flatbeds. Rear view of the three engines. Alfred moves into the frame.}

Splatter: Uh, so boss...

Dodge: How come you let the blonde escape?

Splatter: Yeah?

Alfred: Oh, I did it on... purpose, y'know. I was... testing her to see if she... could escape.

Splatter and Dodge: Did he mean to say that?

Splatter: He's lying, maybe?

Dodge: Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Splatter: Does he even wear pants?

Dodge: I dunno. Wait! He does! Training pants!

{Both start laughing hysterically}

{Alfred growls at Splatter and Dodge, who shiver. Alfred turns his anger to the oil cans on James' flatbed, and snarls.}

Alfred: All right! Playtime's over, Splodge!

Splatter and Dodge: Great...

Alfred: {as Cranky lifts oil cans} Now it's time for the next lesson, huh?! I call it "How to Stop Being Stupid".

{Alfred blows his whistle loudly, and Cranky drops the oil cans, spilling oil all over him.}

Danni: {giggles}

Henry and Emily: {laugh}

Alfred: {now oily mad} Now that's gonna ruin my facial!

Splatter and Dodge: Uh-oh.

{Cut back to Molly in the shed.}

Narrator: Later that night, Molly had a nightmare.

{Molly is puffing to Tidmouth Sheds, and gasps.}

Molly: {gasps} Oh no! What are you diesels doing here?!

Narrator: There in the sheds were Diesel, Arry, Bert, Splatter, Dodge, Diesel 10 and Alfred.

Molly: Alfred? Why are you here with these diesels? You're one of us, a steam engine!

Alfred: Me? One of you? Oh, don't be ridiculous! I was never one of you! I run on the side of diesel oil, I'm one of them! It was my brilliant plan to get rid of Edward and Thomas!

Narrator: There on a flatbed sat an engine damaged from an explosion. It was Thomas, still alive.

Molly: You dirty traitor! Thomas, I'm sorry about what he's done to you.

Thomas: Molly, you got to find Lady! Only she can bring peace back to Sodor.

Diesel 10: We diesels are taking over! We're sick of you steam engines getting all glory, and with Alfred on our side, nothing can stop us now! Not even Lady!

Narrator: Suddenly, a strange machine appeared on the turntable, facing Molly.


Molly: What's that thing?

Diesel 10: My new weapon! Capable of destroying any opposition to my evil plans!

Molly: You won't get away with this, Diesel 10! I'll put a stop to the end of your plans! I'll find Lady and end your plan!

Diesel 10: Too late! This is the end for you!

Molly: Oh no!


{Bang! Cut to Lady running across the Sodor countryside, running from Diesel 10.}

Diesel 10: Yes! I like this new weapon!

{Molly awakes in her shed, and puffs away.}

Molly: I got to find Lady, before Diesel 10 and Alfred do!

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