basic vital principles:

size of area -> smaller area = more management

flow of energy = circle of life/food chain : sun > plants > herbivorous animals > carnivores. Between 10 and 20% of energy is transfered between 2 levels.

carrying capacity = cannot work out carrying capacity with an equation. this is due to there being different conditions such as climate and terrain. need a different assesment for each branch. "optimum carrying capacity can be increased for a given game species by veld management and other forms of habitat maniputlation." pg 7 having said this, there is a ceiling to how many animals can be in an area before their social behaviour takes over.

ecosystem concept = problems such as effects from periodic droughts can be prevented.

Plant succession =

stability and resilience of ecosystems =

irregular events =

the way to achieve objectives:

find an area on a map and then begin to study the area. what are the consequences of fencing off the area? if a water hole is put up, one must be carefull to take into account effects such as soil erosion.

management plans:

a comprehensive description of the ecosystem

determination of the available manpower/finances

determination of land use patterns in the surrounding areas.

prediction of future trends and needs of the area

veld types

  • this is what we use to define game ranching regions

fynbos - small trees and shrubs. no species dominanace occurs. Generally low grazing quality. often, animals must be given supplementary food. Not good for game ranches. down towards the south west of southern africa.

karoo - slow recovery rate of vegetation to mismanagement. Also not a great area for establishing a game ranch.

forest - not good grazing plants. bushbucks and bushpigs can be found in these areas.

savanna - more tropical areas of the southern africa. high mean temperatures. Deciduous trees. can support a diversity of grazers. excellant for game ranches.

grassveld - fairly good for game ranches. found along most of the centeral plateau.

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