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Class: Hunter

Location: Capital Of Egypt Inn, the Inn of western area

Recruitment Cost: 1000

Starting Level: 4

Skills: Bird Killer, Mute Arrow

Used Equipment: Crossbow


Class: Cleric

Location: Capital Of Egypt(Great name for a city, right?) tavern, Eastern area of town.

Recruitment Cost: 1500

Starting level: 6

Skills: Heal, Remedy, Barrier (Healing spells and protection spells.)

Used equipment: Maces, Robes and Hats.


Class: Fighter

Location: Village of Athrosa, Tavern

Recruitment Cost: 2800

Starting Level: 10

Skills: Power Break, Mind Break (Attacks that weaken opponents mentally and physically, high damage, physical protection.)

Used Equipment: Iron Axes, Iron Armours, Iron Shields, Iron Helm


Class: Lancer

Location: Village of Athrosa, Weapon Shop (Northeast part of town)

Recruitment Cost 3000

Starting Level: 10

Skills: Leg Sweep, Beast Slayer

Used Equipment: Iron Spears, Iron Armours, Iron Shields, Iron Helm


Class: Fire Mage

Location: Mount Falcon, Inn

Recruitment Cost: 8000

Starting Level: 14

Skills: Fire, Greater Fire, Mass Dazzle, Mass Weaken

Used Equipment: Steel Rods, Magic Robes, Magic Hats


Class: Ice Mage

Location: Ice Town, tavern

Recruitment Cost:

Starting Level: 14

Skills: Ice, Greater Ice, Mass Clumsy, Mass Delay

Used Equipment: Steel Rods, Magic Robes, Magic Hats


Class: Holy Cleric

Location: Festival Island (Next to the schoolar)

Recruitment Cost: 12000

Starting Level: 16

Skills: Heal, Greater Heal, Mass Heal

Used Equipment: Steel Rods, Magic Robes, Magic Hats

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