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I become a member in March. Day is 12.

Part 1

Now I think it's time to tell u the story: Part 1: I was on goggle seach looking for warrior info and I have been on a Site called Sfbookcase. They never talk about the books and these 2 people were talking about Erin Hunter and this other person called them stupid or dumb I can't remember because they must have thought Erin Hunter was only 1 person. In the furture which is right now I think that must have been Opalfang! And the Web-Site had 0 comments about Sunset, Twilight and I think this: Starlight didn't have comments too I think... It could be another Site Firestripe, but in the furture I was SURE it was Sfbookcase! Then I thought those people were stupid all of the people were stupid! I would never join! Until one day...

2 b contined I'll tell u part 2 tomarrow!

Part 2

Part 2; I went on a RP site and I clicked on a post and a few people were saying that they can't go to an they think that it must be under repaired. So I decinded to go to it later and I didn't and I went on Many times looking for more warrior info (Just like Tigerstar's quest for more power.) and one day I went to sfbookcase and I see I can go 2 it, and I thought this: I think it was done under repaired. When I was looking at the comments I SAW A NEW PIECE OF WARRIOR INFO! And then I decited to join. And that was how I joined

2 b contined! I joined sfbookcase in the Month March. I will tell you part 3 2marrow. Bye!

Part 3

Part 3: I decined 2 join sfbookcase. At first I click on registerand I did it ( I typed in a name.. I can't remember if I did it at register or join. And it didn't let the name thogh. ) Then I did jackeezmom & it worked! I was a new member! So I made friends. And I was very happy. 2 b contined. Part 4 tomarrow! See ya!

Part 4

Part 4 doesn't exest yet. I'll go check my comments.

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