As there normal day goes ahead Steph Colledge reads there news to learn that a body has been found that being Chloe Fox aware that someone wanted her dead they want to catch the person who did it to her. However Scott Curtis wants to use the Jumper to head back in time and write history. Steph refuses and soon finds herself having to stop Scott from trying to save Chloe from her fate.

Scott takes the Jumper back to earlier that year to New Zeland where Chloe got married with idea to stop the wedding before anything can happen aware this could change the events of her death around.

Scott comes up with the idea of trying to stop her partner David Powell from ever being married by making a accident so he lands in hopsital however Steph wants to catch Scott and takes him back to the present day where they can find what went wrong. Soon Scott finds out that Nick Green wasn't happy because he didnt get a invite to thw wedding which is seen in his eyes of evil the other suspect is a ex lover of Chloes who comes to the wedding out of the blue and makes trouble for her. Meanwhile Steph finds someone claiming that she is also her telling her that Scott is about to die here and Steph has to walk away from this.

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