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Narrater: It was a lovely day in greendale and Pat was in his van. Pat: Oh why the heck i must see mrs. goggins every single day, and travel along away to get to her, I don't know, I'm sick of being a postman. I wish i could retire and just have a nice day at home. Hmmm! I wish i could turn a van on right now, but i can't. Here we are, Mrs. goggins: All right, Pat, Pat: Shut up now, Mrs. goggins! I want to retire. Mrs. goggins: But you can't, Pat! Pat: Don't tell me what i can and can't do. I don't want to be a postman anymore. I'm retiring. Here's me hat. I am off. Good day! Mrs. goggins: But your outfit, Pat! Pat: What you'd rather me naked? Redicilous! I'm off. Bye! Mrs. goggins: Oh nevermind, I didn't need him anyway! Oh i've got a parcel ealier, Let open it, Pat: No more work for me, Jess: Meow! Good for you! Pat: I like superted. Superted is my favourite cartoon. And look at texas pete. He likes the rattle snake. he's stopped to his plans. He's retired like me. I like superted and the rattle snake! Narrater: The next day... The nosey woman: Pat! Pat! Are you getting up? Pat! Pat! The bike bell: Ring ding! The nosey woman: Pat! PAAAAAT! Pat! Pat! Are you getting up? Pat! Four words-ARE YOU GETTING UP? Pat! Pat: What do you want? You're ruining my retirement celebration. The nosey woman: Pat! Get up! I've heard you retired. What did you do that for? Pat: That does it! Time to get me job back to get rid of this noise in the morning! Oh i hope mrs. goggins give me me job back. Uh mrs. goggins, Sorry about yesterday, Please can i have me job back? Mrs. goggins: Uh no can do, Pat! I can't accept your appolgy after what you did to me yesterday, Shame on you! You must be ashamed of yourself. Pat: But please... Mrs. goggins: No! Get out! You're not welcome here anymore. Pat: Noooooooooooo!

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