Maxwell Emmett "Pat" Buttram (June 19, 1915 - January 8, 1994) was an american actor.

Year Title Role Notes
1944 National Barn Dance Himself Buttram's first film appearance
1948 The Strawberry Roan Hank
1950 The Gene Auty Show Pat Television series
1962 The LeapFrog Movie Professor Quigley Voice only Animated film for the first time
1965 Green Acres Mr. Haney Television series
1969 Mother Goose Grandpa Voice only Animated film
1970 The Aristocats Napoleon Voice only Animated film
1973 Robin Hood Sheriff of Nottingham Voice only Animated film
1977 The Rescuers Luke (swamp inhabitant) Voice only Animated film
1977 Toy Story Slinky Dog Voice only Animated film and for Jim Varney
1981 The Fox and the Hound Chief (hunting dog) Voice only Animated film
1988 The Good, The Bad, And Huckleberry Hound Red Eye the Bartender Voice only Animated film
1988 Who Framed Roger Rabbit A Toon Bullet Voice only Live action/Animated film
1988 Garfield and Friends Cactus Jake Voice only Animated series
1990 Back to the Future: Part 3 Saloon Old Timer #3 Cameo
1992 Rugrats Eddie Voice of Animated series "Graham Canyon"
1995 A Goofy Movie Possum Park Emcee Voice only Animated film Dedicated to him

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