Narrater: It was a windy day in greendale and Pat was driving his van. Pat: Soon be home, Jess, We'll have a nice drink of coke and a piece of toffe cake. Jess: I like toffe cakes, Pat! Pat: I know you do! And so do i! Oooooooh nooooooo! It's the tree that has fallen down. Hang on in the sec, Jess, Narrater: Pat was pushed the tree but it was no use. Just then a man came. A man: Hello, Pat, i can push the tree away from your van. Pat: Thank you, Sir! Narrater: The man cut half of the tree. He took the two halfs on his with his tracktor. Pat took the two sticks with leaves. Now it was time for pat to go back to his van. But where had his van gone? He looked for his van. And then he saw his van! Pat: Thank goodness for that! But there's only one clue. A yorkshire man! Hey! You moved me van, Didn't you, Yorkshire man? The yorkshire man: Yes! And i'm going to drive your van. Pat: Oh no you don't! You can't drive me van. Take that! Come on, Jess, Let's go home, It's a windy day, Isn't it, Jess? Jess: It is, Pat! Pat: Oh what is going on? His van: broog! goo! goo! goo! goo! goo! goo! goo! goo! gro! Geeeeaaaaa! Pat: Oh me van! I don't like it when me van gets funny. Let's see! Oh no! That silly thing! Oh no! Me hat I'd better get me hat before it flys away. Ha! I gocha! Oh no! Me hat is on the water. What am i going to do now? Oh I've got an idea, I'll go to me grandma's house. Wait! It's the cable. I'll fix that, Narrater: So pat fixed the cable and went to his grandma's house. There was his grandma's house. He went to his grandma's garden. Pat's grandma: Oh Hello, Pat, Granny is putting up the washing clothes. Where is your hat? Pat: I tried to get me hat but it went onto the water. Pat's grandma: But i've found your hat on the small tree. Pat: Oh Me hat! Oh thank you, Grandma! Goodbye, Grandma, I'll see you soon. I love you and Don't forget to make me a walnut cake, Pat's grandma: Of course i won't, Pat! Pat: Come on, Jess, We're going home to have a drink of coke and a toffe cake. Narrater: And when they got home, Pat did have a drink of coke and a toffe cake. Jess was cheesing mice.

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