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  • Key= Name, Age, Date Diagnosed, Location, Home Page

Aponte, Jorden, 10 Dec-11 Florida Link

  • Barry Apr-08
  • Becker, Logan 12, May-13 Washington

Boehme, Stephan 12, Jan-07 Florida

  • Bolles, Marcus 7, Dec-12 Astoria, Oregon Link

Booth, Brad 38, Dec-10 Alabama Link

Bond, Matt 29 2002 Kansas Link

  • Borunda, Victor 33, Feb-13 El Paso, Tx
  • Brennan, Mel

Brisco, Bobby 16, 2011 Link

Brunello, Jacob Oct-06 Mount Shasta, California

  • Bush, Robert 31,Sep-12 Missouri Link
  • Carneiro, Pedro Couto 18, May-09 Brazil

Carey, Amber Hovanec 14, Texas Facebook

  • Collins, Anthony NSW, Australia

Creech, Jeffrey 4, Jul-10 New York Link

Davis, Mia 17, Sep-09 Jacksonville, Florida

  • DeSmet, Kai Sep-13 Port Orchard, Washington
  • Eatemadi, Abbas

Falkenstein , Thomas 31 Jun-99 Germany

  • Flick, Jim 43, Apr-13 Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Futhey, Charlie 5 Feb-08 Rose Hill, KS Link

Granger, Kate Wakefield UK Book

Green, Sam 6, Jan-12 Link

Grow, Bobby 11/09 Vancouver, WA Journal

  • Heindl IV , William Sclater 5, Sep-03 Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Hellendrung, Brody 12, Sep-13 Cameron, Wisconsin
  • Huntington, Christopher
  • Infield, Tyler
  • Jones, Stacey 20, Dec-06 Columbus, Mississippi

Kimball, Tyler Journal Ohio

  • Lacey, Alonzo 16, 08 Inkster, Michigan Link
  • Lawrence, Marquis

Lillard, Kyle 17, Jun-07 Talala, OK Link

Luthiger, Michael 49, Feb-05 California

Marquis , Jordan 12 Oct-03 Connecticut Link

Martin, Kate Kansas

  • Matthews, Ian UK
  • Mellen, Claire, 23 Dec-03 Link

Mogan, Rylie Hope 9, Aug-09 Illinois Journal

  • Morgan, Michael

Moschner-Santoro, Michelle 24, Nov-09 Ohio News

  • Mossböck, Thomas 32, Oct-09 Graz, Austria

Nailor , Kyle 6 Jul-00 Windsor, PA

  • Neuses, Jennifer
  • O'Reilly, Katie 19, Jul-1998 Minnesota

Orgel , Greg 13 Dec-01 Toledo, Ohio Link

  • Orton, Samantha 14, Aug-08, Ogilvie, MN
  • Perrotta, Stacey
  • Peters, Marijke 29, Aug-08, Belgium
  • Powers, Courtney 10, Feb-13, Vershire, Vermont

Quebedeaux, Kyle Feb-12 Link

Reese, Shawn Jan-09

Rodabaugh , Callie 17 Sep-05 Lake County, FL Link

Rogers, Ross California

  • Salgado,Reitza Rosado 16, Jan-08 Puerto Rico

Salmans Luder , Kristen 9 1999 Kansas City, MO

  • Sean
  • Sechi, Deidre Jan-13 Kansas

Sharma , Nalish 36 Jun-05 New Zealand

  • Sheldon, Bill 1997 Galesburg, Illinois Article

Shinan 26 May-05 Z.J., China

  • Shockley, Jacob Sep-13 Rockton, Illinois

Simmons, Diana 6, Dec-06 Chesterfield, Virginia Link MISSPRINCESSDIANA

Spalding, Luke Feb-12 Brisbane, Australia

Spencer , Richard 24 Oct-97 England can't link http:// members.

Tashman, Brett 29, Nov-10, California

  • Taylor, Dean 22 Tamworth NSW Australia

Tessieri, Melanie 32, Sept 09, Australia

Thompson, Michael 7, Nov 10, Summerville, South Carolina

Watkins, Gabriel 3, Lawson, Missouri

  • Whiting, DeMonta

Wilson, Scott, 29 Dec-07 Ontario, Canada

Zrodowski , Ann 9 Nov-04 Gdansk, Poland


Disclaimer: This site is for informational and idea exchange among patients only. We are not doctors and do not offer medical advice. Please check with your own physician if you have any unusual symptoms or questions concerning treatment.



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