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Letter d
= Development Cabinet
  • Doug Rubin, Chief of Staff
  • Joan Wallace-Benjamin, Chief of Staff
    • David M. Simas, Deputy Chief of Staff
    • Brendan Ryan, Deputy Chief of Staff
    • Nancy Fernandez Mills, Deputy Chief of Staff/Director of Communications
    • Kyle Sullivan, Press Secretary
    • Mike Morris, Director of Governmental Affairs
    • Richard Chacon, Director of Policy and Cabinet Affairs
  • Daniel Bosley, Special Advisor to the Governor for Economic Development

(Will keep his State Rep. seat!)

  • Ian Bowles, Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Letter d
    • Ann Berwick, Undersecretary of Energy
  • Suzanne Bump, Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development Letter d
  • Bernard Cohen, Secretary of Transportation and Construction Letter d
  • Leslie Kirwan, Secretary of Administration and Finance Letter d
  • Dan O'Connell, Secretary of Housing and Economic Development Letter d
  • Dr. JudyAnn Bigby, Secretary of Health and Human Services
  • Kevin Burke, Secretary of Public Safety
    • Juliette Kayyem, Undersecretary of Homeland Security
    • Mary Elizabeth Heffernan, Undersecretary of Criminal Justice
    • Kurt Schwartz, Undersecretary of Law Enforcement
    • LaDonna Hatton, Undersecretary of Forensic Services (renewed)
  • Dana Mohler-Faria, Special Advisor to the Governor for Education
  • Ben Clements, Chief Legal Counsel
  • Jennifer Davis Carey, Secretary of Elder Affairs
  • Thomas G. Kelley, Secretary of Veterans' Services

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