Patriot Actors


The Patriot Actors are a team of government-sponsored superheroes, first seen publicly during the Salko Incident in 1984.

Increasingly throughout the current history of the Earth, beings possessed of powers and abilities far removed from those of normal men have taken it upon themselves to police and combat those who would use their abilities for criminal activities. At first, such individuals were rare enough to largely ignore, but as time went on, more and more of these beings appeared or manifested, with each new generation displaying abilities far greater than their predecessors.

The American Government had experimented previously with organising group of these individuals to supplement their own military and police services as early as the 1900s, and had actively deployed a team under the name of the Victory Players during World War Two, consisting of volunteers and conscripts that were found to display extra-human abilities. The vast majority of these people were used in a support role, with only a few seeing front-line action.

After the end of World War Two and the formal disbandment of the Victory Players soon after, the American Government secretly founded the Department For Extra-Human Affairs (DEHA), whose purpose was to monitor and police the emerging extra-human community. Many former members of the Victory Players formed the bulk of the Department, countered always by an equal number of normal humans.

Whilst officially not a recognised branch of the government, DEHA enjoyed the patronage of both the CIA and FBI, who would alert them to incidents where Extra-Human involvement was suspected. The primary purpose of DEHA in its early years was to catalogue, research and detain extra-humans in an attempt to better understand this new phenomenon. They had no standing active agents, and instead largely relied on military support to capture rouge Extra-Humans, who they would jail in specially constructed cells below the Department complex.

However, as the Korean War called away much of the military’s interest, DEHA were forced to actively recruit members of the Extra-Humans community to police their own kind. Acting as a black-ops division within the Department, members of these squads were all Extra-Humans of differing abilities and powers. A few of the more powerful members were sent as advisors to Korea as reports of Korean Extra-Human soldiers began to filter in. Though an American institution, DEHA would often send covert teams to observe other countries, allied or not, attempts to control and use the extra-human phenomenon.

During the 1960s, and the extra-human community now much more than rumours and theories, DEHA went public and confirmed the existence of extra-humans to the general public (although failed to disclose locations and powers that had thus manifested) The subsequent rioting and racial discrimination towards those even suspected of being extra-human forced the passing of the Ark Act, that promised protection and jobs for those members of the extra-human community that would work for DEHA.

The first job of these vast new intakes was largely a public-relations affair. Varying members were granted patriotic monikers and sent out into America with the intent to sway public opinion to support the Extra-Human community. Others whose abilities were not as active or pleasant as these were relocated and granted new identities, although the entire time still working for DEHA and preforming reconnaissance missions towards local extra-humans.

The success of these patriotic ‘super-heroes’ soon granted DEHA a massive boost in funding, with which they further increased their research and support of these field agents. DEHA even instigated the Hercules Program, which accepted ordinary humans for training, support and placement as heroes.

Although all worked for DEHA, all these heroes worked in the field as individuals. All had territories and responsibilities to protect certain targets and resources, and rarely ventured in another heroes domain. A few assigned to particularly large cities formed brief alliances with other extra-humans, but still largely kept to themselves.

This all changed during the Salko Incident of 1984. Tobias Salko was an extra-human who had founded a nation-spanning series of nuclear power plants. He then attempted to blackmail the American government by threatening to ignite and overload his reactors, which he had hired a team of ‘unsavoury’ extra-humans to guard (Salko had been previously praised for his recruitment and integration of extra-humans into his workforces) Requiring a mass effort by teams of DEHA-backed heroes, one group emerged victorious, their various abilities complementing each other and allowing them to succeed where singular heroes would of fallen. It was they that finally confronted Salko and defeated him, and this team (or at least, is survivors) would be recorded as the first official squad of the Patriot Actors.

List Of Patriot Actors

’Salko Team’ (debut, 1984)

  • Cold Bear (active) (unable to feel pain, minor regenerative powers)
  • One (retired, deceased) (instinctual sniper)
  • Blue Blaze I (killed in action) (minor super-speed, fire-creation through friction)
  • Processor One (active) (super-mind, able to calculate probability on global scale)
  • Human Man (killed in action) (human crime fighter)
  • Ophelia (retired) (telepath, specialising in suggestion imaging)

First Wave Team (1984 – 1991)

  • Girl America II (missing in action, presumed deceased) (empathy, telepathy)
  • Son Of Man (active) (human crime fighter)
  • Titan (active) (super strength)
  • Blue Blaze II (active) (minor super-speed, fire-creation through friction)
  • Warrior King (retired)
  • Beat Girl I (retired from frontline duty) (warrior woman)
  • Hardcore (missing, presumed alive)
  • Lightkeeper (active) (photosynthesis grants limitless endurance in sunlight)
  • Arch (active) (instinctive defensive fighter)
  • Captain Twelve
  • High Judge (tactile psychic)
  • Terra (geo-kinesis)
  • Father One (deceased)
  • Mother One (retired)
  • Operator (genetic memory, visual memory)

International Assets Team (1991 – 1997)

  • Father Two
  • Special Sam (deceased) (is ego a power?)
    • test
  • Mister Forever
  • Iota
  • Last Man Standing
  • Jackal

Rapid Insurgency Team (1997 – Current Day)

  • Visionary
  • Beat Girl II
  • Processor Two
  • Phase
  • High Judge
  • The Probable Man

Security Changes After September 11th

Security and Freedom Ensured Act

After the attacks of September 11th the Patriot Act was put into place to help keep Americans safe. The Security and Freedom Ensured Act (SAFE) was later added as a provision to the Patrio Act. It was introduced into the House on April 6, 2005 as a way to add a checks and balance system to the Patriot Act. It revised the word "terrorist" to exclude groups of people such as anti-war protestors and pro and anti-abortion protestors. Also under SAFE provisions were made concerning wiretaps: (1) an order approving an electronic surveillance specify either the identity of the target or the place to be wiretapped; and (2) surveillance be conducted only when the suspect is present at the place to be wiretapped. Provisions are also to be made concerning search warrants include: (1) limit the authority to delay notice of the issuance of such a search warrant to circumstances where providing immediate notice of the warrant will endanger the life or physical safety of an individual, result in flight from prosecution or the intimidation of a potential witness, or result in the destruction of or tampering with the evidence sought under the warrant; and (2) require such delayed notification to be issued within seven days (currently, within a "reasonable period") after execution, with extensions by the court for additional periods of up to 21 calendar days each time that the court finds reasonable cause to believe that notice of the execution of the warrant would have such consequences. Requires the Attorney General, on a semiannual basis, to transmit to Congress and make public a report concerning all requests for delays of notice and for extensions of such delays.

New Technologies

To help ensure the safety of Americans from terrorism there were several technologies developed and put into place.


Wiretapping is one of the biggest technologies the government uses to help fight terrorism today. By definition wiretapping is, eavesdropping on private conversations by connecting listening equipment to a telephone line. To be legal, wire tapping must be authorized by a search warrant or court order.

Sensor Technology

Sensor technology is being used to help fight biological, chemical, and radiological attacks. More and more technologies are being developed to sensor chemicals and biological weapons. Cargo container x-ray machines are also in the process of being developed to check for any type of threat that may be hidden in the large crate being brought into the country thorough our ports.

Biometric Tools

New biometric tools are being invented to help controll access to buildings and offices. One of these tools include fingerprint technology which scans the fingerprints of the persons trying to access the restricted area. Under fingerprinting technology is being developed to indentify human skin as well to help prevent terrorist from makeing fake fingerprints from other materials.

Weapon and Explosive Screening

Technology that blows puffs of air are now used to help find weapons and explosives that people may be carrying. The scanners then read the particles in the air looking for traces of explosives. Some of these new technologies are already in place in many airports across the world.

Closed Circuit Television

Closed circuit televison as been used for a long time to help fight terroism but it has been proven that there are many faults in this. Today there are new closed circuit televisions that watch itself. This helps to cut down on human mistakes. For example if a camera on this new system detects someone climbing over a fence, an alarm will sound alerting the person watching the secruity system.

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