Paul Hankin is a member of the Mels Boysthey are who were under the control of the gang leader Mike Sanders Paul was in charge of being Mike's heavy man he was also sent out to beat the Rivers he was ordered to kill there leader Emma Smith who he faced off with along with Andrew Roberts and Robert Plate however in the fight with Emma Smith they all lost the battle. He started to hate Emma Smith and came her biggest rival over that year even more when he suspected that Mike Sanders had meet with death because of her.


Paul was now in charge of the Mels Boys later on that year he found that the Rivers now in a even bigger group had came after him and the gang. When they fought the time was right they attacked back in the battle they lost once again but Richard Perry did manage to kill of Jessie Daniels now he felt more scared that Emma Smith would kill him.


Paul found himself caught up with Emma Smith when a event broke out with two evil monkey from a failed test by a man called Doctor Ragan had failed because of this even when he didnt like it he had to also work with Emma Smith together with him her and the doctor they got to the end of the trouble. After the end of the fight with the monkeys Emma Smith took Richard Perry who was behind it with her. What went people think that she killed him because he was never heard from ever again.


Dr Ragan felt that him and Paul Hankin had the same troubles with the Rivers. He asked if he be interested to take part in a experment to make him able to beat the Rivers. He accepted just as he was gave a potion. A few days later the Doctor was caught and Paul sound went out on a rampage. Emma Smith and the rest of the Rivers stopped him in his tracks and put a stop to him.


Paul Hankin later on in that year manage to break Laura Bonds neck when she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Because of what Regan had done to him he had caught cancer and wanted to finish off the Rivers. Paul learned about the Hatlinks and used this to his aid. He kidnapped Emma Smith and planned to use this as a trap to also get the only other River still in town called Claire Barnett his plan failed but he manage to get a teleporter which linked Earth to Hatlinks where he could blow up earth. He then planned to let off a weapon that he was gave by the doctor. Soon Emma Smith and Claire Barnett came right after him. his plan was stopped and he used his teleport to escape. He landed back in the town ofMelbourne where Emma and Claire came right after him. Paul attack with a group of Mels Boys which were taken out but now the chase was on and he had to becareful of the Rivers who had now moved down that way. Paul took off running again to Sydney hoping to escape Emma and Claire who was out for blood. However Paul was now more ill from his cancer and was placed in hospital. He then found them in his room as he was dieing. He had plans to finish off Hatlinks with a Domes Jewel he did and passed on his powers to a boy called Julian Knight to finish off his plan.

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