The "Paul is Dead" Story

In October 1969, a rumor spread across the U.S. and eventually around the world, that Paul McCartney was dead. The story was based on "clues" found on Beatle records and album sleeves, that Paul had actually been killed in a car accident in November, 1966. Researchers discovered a car accident, which happened around that time, involving two passengers, whose driver, a young male with dark hair, was disfigured beyond recognition. Then, in the winter of 1966, a "Paul look-a-like" contest was held by the group, and although thousands entered, no winner was ever announced. But a winner did emerge in William Campbell, a Scot, who was paid a exorbitant amount of money to play Paul, rather than bask in the obvious glory of being announced as the winner. Campbell was never heard from again, and so the story goes that the "stand-in" had been playing Paul since 1966 and that since then... the other Beatles had placed various clues onto Beatles records and sleeves, to break the news gently to their fans. The "clues" are of two kinds; those actually recorded on their records and those depicted on the album sleeves.

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