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Fantasy Booker Game

High Performance Wrestling

Paul London was the fifth person drafted to Wehmer's roster.


1st Week - Month 1, 7-Man Battle Royale (one-fall) for the High-Flying Title: v Brian Kendrick v Chavo Guerrero v Frankie Kazarian v Amazing Red v Ricochet v Jamie Noble (loss, when Brian Kendrick pinned Kazarian. Brian inadvertantly broke London's nose in the match)

2nd Week - Month 1, was a Lumberjack in a Fatal Fourway Match Up (won by Kendrick, when he yet again pinned Frankie Kazarian)

3rd Week - Month 1, Four Way Tag Team Match-Up: with Brian Kendrick v Frankie Kazarian and Jamie Noble v Ricochet and Amazing Red v Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero. (loss, via Ricochet pinning Brian Kendrick, after London had turned on him, leaving him open for a Double Rotation Moonsault)

4th Week - Month 1, backstage, Paul and Brian Kendrick get into a large scale fist-fight.

Meltdown, Triple Threat Ladder Match for the High Flying Title: v Brian Kendrick v Ricochet (loss, after getting hit with a Double Rotation Moonsault. Kendrick then climbed the ladder while the others were down)

1st Week - Month 2, 8-Man Battle Royale (elimination) (non-title): v Brian Kendrick v Frankie Kazarian v Chavo Guerrero v Rey Mysterio v Jamie Noble v Amazing Red v Ricochet (loss, after lasting to the bottom two, before tapping to the Lasso from el Paso)

Notable Fueds

  • Brian Kendrick


  • Appeared, in someway or another, in every Stronghold so far. He has yet to win.


  • Shooting Star Press
  • 450 Splash

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