Pauly Falzoni Throws a Tantrum or simpely known as 'Tantrum Pizza' is a Fan made Fat Pizza episode.


  • Pauly Falzoni
  • Bobo Gigliotti
  • Sleek the Elite
  • Davo Dinkum
  • Habib (short role)
  • Rocky (short role)
  • Ronnie McDoggle (mentioned)
  • Shoplifter
  • Greg Wiggle (cameo)
  • Murray Wiggle (cameo)
  • Anthony Wiggle (cameo)
  • Jeff Wiggle (cameo)
  • Leonardo (Non Speaking Role)
  • Donatello (Non Speaking Role)
  • Rapheal (Non Speaking Role)
  • Michealanglo (Non Speaking Role)
  • April O' Neil (Non Speaking Role)
  • Angelica Pickles (cameo)
  • Tommy Pickles (cameo)
  • Chuckie Finster (cameo)
  • SpongeBob SquarePants (cameo & mentioned)
  • Patrick Star (cameo)
  • Mighty Morphin Red Ranger (cameo)
  • Mighty Morphin Black Ranger (cameo)
  • Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger (cameo)
  • Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger (cameo)
  • Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger (cameo)
  • Rita Repulsa (cameo)


  • Narrator: One Day, Pauly, Bobo, Sleek and Davo went to the video store. They saw alot of videos like Pornos, Adult Theme and even kids videos. When Pauly saw the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 film on VHS...
  • Pauly Falzoni: Hey guys, Bobo, come and look at this. May I have this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fil-um?
  • Bobo Gigliotti: NO!!!!!
  • Pauly Falzoni: AWW, Come on, Bobo.
  • Bobo Gigliotti: No you're not getting this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 film! ONLY PORNOS!
  • Sleek the Elite: Come on, Bro, this is a kids film.
  • Pauly Falzoni: yeah, I know I know but, I just want it.
  • Davo Dinkum: Oh snap out of it, Pauly. You know this is a kids film and I mean we're adults, can't you believe it Pauly. This is a kids film, we're adults so we're not buying this film.
  • Pauly Falzoni: But I love this movie.
  • Sleek the Elite: You know, Pauly, I remember like 2 years ago, I ever wanted a SpongeBob SquarePants Toy, but my cousins won't let me buy one.
  • Pauly Falzoni: So this is what it just happend?
  • Sleek the Elite: Yep.
  • Narrator: But Pauly still wanted the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 film. They went back to the pizza shop but Pauly didn't had the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, he nearly burst out crying (well nearly, but not quite).  The Next Day, Pauly went into the same store again and went inside and there was a Shoplifer keeping an eye on the theifs. Luckily, the Tennage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 film is still there. He saw Rocky and Habib buying the porno films.
  • Pauly Falzoni: HEY!!
  • Habib: Oh hi, Pauly, just buying some porno films.
  • Pauly Falzoni: Do you's know anything about the Ninja Turtles?!
  • Rocky: Tuk it easy, Pauly, There is no pornos in that movie.
  • Pauly Falzoni: Oh come on, man, didn't you's know? Well, there's that chick who did this news reporter with huge breast, you know; her name's April O' Neil and there's 4 turtles, One was Leonardo, the leader, One was Donatello, who does machines, There's Rapheal, who is a bit like you Rocky.
  • Rocky: Pauly don't say that, man!
  • Pauly Falzoni: But you must listen. and theres Michealangelo the pary dude who loves eating pizzas.
  • Habib: So it does have pornos in that movie?
  • Pauly Falzoni: Yep.
  • Habib: Well what are you waiting for, steal it.
  • Narrator: and so he did. the next thing happen to Pauly, (and Habib and Rocky) the Shoplifter yelled...
  • Shoplifter: Hey, You all gotta pay for those.
  • Narrator: Then Pauly bashed the Shoplifter and Rocky and Habib were cheering for him. It's like bashing Ronnie McDoggle but only a shoplifter. When Pauly got back to the Fat Pizza shop, he showed Bobo the Ninja Turtles film and told him all about it.
  • Bobo Gigliotti: Yes Pauly, we can watch it.
  • Pauly Falzoni: YES!!!!
  • Narrator: Pauly was so happy and everyone watches the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 film and he even showed them, April O' Neil.

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