A Payav

The Payav are a race of diminutive humanoids was native to the tunnels and caverns of the planet Trev. Because of their size, and because of their short lifespan, the Payav were often referred to as Shorts. Although the Payav made up some seventy percent of the population on Trev, they had been relegated to the labor classes by the taller Trevins. The eyes of the Payav were located on short stalks, and provided the Payav with exceptional vision in the dark, underground environments they lived in. Many Payav were employed as varactyl wranglers, despite their short stature, because of their innate ability to work with the creatures. In contrast to the Trevins, the Payav preferred to eat cooked meat. Interestingly enough, Payav preferred the sunlight to the darkness in which they lived.

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